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4 minutes ago, Kusunga_Is_God said:

I would like to apologise for calling out @mcfluff1985 a lot. It was unnecessary and childish and hampered threads. Sorry McFluff..


Times like these us fans need to stick together because the future of our club looks rather ominous at the moment..

Unless if it’s a sarcastic post or not as it’s hard to keep up with the petty shite on here ?


if its not, kudos to u

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Rise above it


Use the ignore facility for certain posters you know which ones they are, they would probably shit themselves if they were confronted face to face. If anyone starts becoming abusive towards you use the report function. Or even just log off for a few days and have a break from the forum.


Don't let the trolls detract from the fact that while we might not always agree the majority of the debate on here is good.

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12 minutes ago, Dave_Og said:


I'd like to think that the use of that symbol might mean that you've reflected on some of the posts you made yesterday and concluded that they were not appropriate.


Not really no I have an opinion if no one is interested that fine I don't care its a forum!!!! being called a cunt told to fuck off and lots more colourfull words must be acceptable!!!

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2 minutes ago, latics22 said:

I feel I have. Dragged u down u had loads of up boats now ur passing me on down boats. Sorry bestie


He just really pissed me off Sheridan, his pride and not changing tactics it was like watching someone die when they could save them self!!! I was upset full of rage maybe somethings I was wrong but maybe if he did make changes he be still in a job I mean looks at Placide I know its early days but in the 35 mins played he has pissed on all our goalkeepers!!!

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