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Oldham v Barrow

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Final Score 2-1


JP and young Lewis


Young guns impressed by all accounts, JP looked the business but it was all about the fitness of the players some fans were told by the coaching staff



Withgame like this its all ways been about just getting your match fitness up

think we have got it right going up in class after each game.


Bring on Rochdale on Tuesday now!!!

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Boertin, not that impressive, it sloppy really came off half way in second half

will try to find out seems everyone I know who went is out of range for their phone signal

Match Report

That would be because Barrow is in the arse end of nowhere! The locals were friendly, but very weird! It was very wet and very cold.


The rest has been said. Kalala with the first goal, Alessandra with the second. Some very good passing going on in midfield, lots of movement, especially in the first half (which seemed to be mostly what you would expect for our first 11 line-up against Swansea). But the youngsters who came on in the 2nd half seemd to create more chances (not very clinical in their finishing though either)!


Davies - played well, but played quite deep - which he did well, but who is going to score us goals!? He looked quite fast and strong. Stood up well for numerous challenges.


Kalala - I was very impressed! He looked like a very good signing. He instigated a lot of the passing movements.


Boertin - not impressed. Sort of hope he gets another go, but his passing was a bit wayward, his crossing similar, and he was turned a couple of times a bit too easily.


Gregan - I'm worried about him as captain and as a centre half for the coming season. Nuff said.


Thomspon - did ok.


Taylor - at least try and stand up in a challenge, lad!


Crossley - did fumble a couple of balls, but was talking to his defence well.


All in all, I would say it wasn't the best match I've seen, but it was the first friendly and therefore means nothing! Definitely some promising youngsters in reserve. Good passing and movement on the whole. And I'm looking forward to seeing how this pre-season and season turn out!


Oh, and I have a few pics - will upload them tomorrow.

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Guest oa_exile
Clearly the guy in the blue Kappa jacket in the third picture had pulled a sickie from work.


*Cough* i have better not mention who it is then :wink:


Cheques made out to Cash c/o Exile :grin:

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I thought we did a lot better in the second half.


The first 11 we put out all seemed to be finding their feet which can be expected in the first friendly of the season. The two who did impress me in the first half were Allott and Kalala. Didn't think the 4-4-1-1 thing worked so well but that was because we had 90 minutes and only 4 strikers. Can't say any of the other new boys stood out too much. A ball or two over the top would have been good for Davies but they played very deep so when he did get it Paul Jones just pulled him down.


In the second the younger lads looked a lot fitter. I think Wolfy looked very sharp, Alessandra showed some good touches and Kelly proved that if you're a winger on the left you can be fast and use both feet! Smalley showed a good turn of pace on a few occasions and maybe should have had a shot or two more but he'll learn. Lomax again played looked neat and tidy, playing at right and left back.


Overall, think youngsters out did the older lads who maybe need a bit more time to get going again.

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I felt that maybe the yoof could have had a few more opportunities last year, perhaps it's this year they will get their go. We've got a very decent 15 or so players, after that the bairns need to step in. It's the reality of working on a small budget, we couldn't get enough quality players to stand a chance if we were going to have 22 grown-ups covering every position

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