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Mr. E.Ilderton


Mr. E.Ilderton  

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Ref Name : Mr. E.Ilderton


Opposition: Bristol Rovers


Competition : L1


Venue : Boundary Park


Match result: L



Optional Post Template:


1. Referee Consistency :


2. Match Control :


3. Decision Making :


4. Positioning/ Fitness :


5. Any Other Comments :

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I thought the referee today was the best we have had this season.

I would in no way blame him in any part for our defeat today.

I thought he kept the game flowing well and played advantage whenever he could after an offence.

I'm sure some people will feel that he made some errors on individual decisions and I'm sure he did, but you are always going to get that with any referee and as long as they aren't biased in any way then the mistakes will generally balance themselves out during a game.

I didn't think he made any unneccessary bookings and always had control of the game and the players.

I'd rate this referee a 4 out of 5 and would be happy to see him referee us again.

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Guest sheridans_world

1. Referee Consistency : This wasnt too bad, he consistantly gave harsh challenges, but only the ones that really deserved bookings.


2. Match Control : I wasnt happy with this, I know the rules of the game is to play on when someone is down injured until the ref tells you to stop, but i wasnt happy. Sean Gregan went down in the first half and he didnt move at all for 30 seconds, he was flat out on deck and from where i was sitting, he was holding his head. The ref didnt stop play. Then in the second half the Rover's defender went down injured, i dont know whether he was taking the piss or not but still, the ref did nothing, the ball somehow ended up as our throw-in but the players kicked off because we did nothing about it.


3. Decision Making : Again, Poor. While the game wasnt bad tempered, he let a lot go, players constantly being pushed off the ball (when trying to win headers), just things that are normally given through the course of any given game.


4. Positioning/ Fitness : This seemed ok.


5. Any Other Comments : They keep getting worse...

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I'm amazed by some of the low scores that Ilderton is getting. 1 out of 5? What's that all about?


Certainly it wasn't the best refereeing display but then again, this guy was way above the normal crap that we have to endure. Yes he made a couple of mistakes IMO but in general, he let the game flow (just 12 fouls) and didn't try to be the centre of attention like most of the refs we see in League One.


We may see the odd one better than him, but I'll guarantee we will see an awful lot far, far worse.

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I've never in my whole life seen a decision less possible to explain than when he gave them a throw toward the RRE of the Paddock. The Rovers players couldn't believe it, the ball had quite plainly come off the foot of one of them and deflected a good 30 degrees. He also seemed not to see anything that happened to Ricketts, they fouled him every time the ball came near him.

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One of the better all round refereeing displays I've seen in a while. Ok he got a throw-in wrong, but he did his best to allow the game to flow (which it did very well, and at least some credit should go to him for that), and he kept his cool in that couple of minutes of madness in the second half.


4 out of 5 for me.


Quick edit - Ricketts could certainly have got a bit more protection, but if nothing else it was a lesson in League One "marking"... :grin:

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