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flags in the stands

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Thought about it, but with the fact that a few Leeds will be in the Chaddy I probally won't. Last time we played city they damaged it.

Of course it's up to you, Mark, but it's exactly these sorts of games where flags are called for! Help to get a buzz going round the ground, and also there will probably be enough people to actually hold them up :unsure: !

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Guest sheridans_world
I will have it set up at the back main stand side .... are you two happy to organise before KO as I think I will have trouble getting into Chaddy before



Yea no probs from me, Jorvik?

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It's a bit late to organise anything like this for the Leeds game :wink: , but it shows what can be done! :headbang:


Two Jeju Island, South Korea boys' high schools cheering for their soccer teams. The most amazing thing is that they do this with their CLOTHES (not holding up cards). They have a jacket that is one colour on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third colour shirt on the inside. The one school has also figured out how to use their pants to make shading.



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