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  1. I can assist when it comes to not buying i-follow. Message me privately if anyone would like to do so. (P.S. this is not some spam sales pitch, just another fan who sick of paying the chuckle brothers)
  2. It's damn lucky Bury got expelled or I'd be terrified right now! I may not be terrified to that extent, but upset, disappointed and disenfranchised is probably nowhere near my real feelings or that of the many!!
  3. My assumption would be that the grant, was given to benefit the club and OAFC community. The way things progressed, that money was to some extent just siphoned out to gazal and blitz. If there was clear stipulation as to what the grant was for, I would have thought they would have had to return it. Although if this is the case it would mean brassbank owe the council and not the club. Disclaimer: just speculation, hopefully the Q&A will give some more factual information!
  4. 11th-15th July. Direct flights, staying at royal hotel Agadir, with airport transfers, and Arabian banquet with the Arabian Nights show on the Friday night, £370 per person, wether solo or 2 sharing! Contact support@taylors.travel to book (mention OWTB to avoid booking fees)
  5. I didn't think we were sports direct.com park anymore? Didn't AL make a big point of this when he took over??
  6. I would say not throwing things onto the pitch. Lets be honest it won't be AL that has to go clear everything away. I don't think a 0 attendance would ever work, people may either not be aware or go regardless... The affect that can be had when others witness a protest though is huge. Certainly a mass walk out during the second half. And the possibility of a 'silent game' with no crowd noise, or supporters facing away from the pitch at kick off etc??? Does the trust have a relationship with the turnstile operators? If they were to join and strike
  7. Hi, I live in spain now and can't make it back for the game. FA website says it has been selected for 'overseas broadcast', but I cant find details anywhere of who has the rights. Does anyone know? Paul
  8. How is it people are asking him to pay back? Thinking we've paid into his pocket?? The club hasn't made money for years. I agree it's time to move on and let Abdullah take us forward, but I wish people would remember that TTA stopped the club going out of existence! He never claimed to have bottomless pockets and not a single critic on here has ever bid to buy a club and plough money into it despite almost zero chance of a return!!!!! There have undoubtedly been problems, but if corney hadn't been there when he Was, we would likely be dreaming of league 2 football right now!
  9. 1500+ fans. Where we taking over before the game to get our harmonies in sync???
  10. That's the thing, I'm not Corney's biggest fan, but you don't have the answer, nor do I. The thing is until we do, staging protests that are likely to make us look like an 'ugly' club to potential buyers, is likely to damage our situation rather than better it. Change is definitely needed, but there's no point saying how bad a disease is if no-one is looking for a cure!
  11. I'd take Shez back, but ultimately the biggest concern is up front. To everyone asking why do people think we're doomed when we're only 3 points off safety, I would sum it up in two sentences, ones I don't ever recall having said before at this time of year.... 4 goals at home so far this season! 3 wins, one of which a 0-1 thanks to a Bury own goal!
  12. Of the clubs that have protested against their ownership recently? You know the Blackpool's, Cardiff's, Charlton's Coventry's, Blackburn's. How many of them have resulted in a successful ousting of the current owners, and new buyers flocking to the gates wanting to buy the club with the fans that have just almost destroyed the club they support to remove an owner that isn't rich enough to prop it up? We aren't like these other clubs. 2 people siphoned some money out of our club, but ultimately Corney hasn't stolen huge parachute payments off us! He hasn't pocketed millions off us!
  13. Dear Mr Corney, I play 7-a-side most Thursdays with work mates, and 5-a-side most Fridays with some other friends. I'm not very good, I'm very unfit (drink and smoke heavily), but I'm free next Saturday. For a free home kit, I reckon I could put in a 45 minute shift if you'd like???
  14. Surely that would put the asking price up?
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