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Following on from the Ricketts post

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Anyone got any thoughts??


I would like to see Vernon and i would welcome Porter back


Whats Winjhard doing these days is he cropped?





Oo the list could be endless.


Im dumbfounded with Ricketts. Its more than meets the eye its gotta be. The OS report jus posed it like it was something normal and standard.

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I thought he was absolutley sh:censored:te against us


Usual pace


couldnt hit a barn door


Still the only player i seen clear the chaddy end with a shot



Would love to have JJ back but hes doing great at Sheff Wed

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wayno- no, all glitz no glamour

warney- pointless, never go back

vernon- see above but completely ignore it !

whinjard- way past it

killen- no chance he'll fall off the bus and get injured

p*rter- no chance not welcome at board level and shez chinned him (allegedly)

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Guest oa_exile
Vernon would be a quality loan IF we start to play the way we did last season and hnot this seasons bilge, but isn't he starting a few games for Blackpool now?


Indeed played >>10 times<< this season , 1 goal

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Guest oa_exile

My choice would be Phil Jevons , not catching for Brizzie at the moment.We were also linked with him pre season as a possible replacement for Porter.

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Don't think we need anyone tbh. Davies, Hughes, Wolfy, Alessendra & Smalley.


I think Shez will be looking to bring someone experienced in given the youth and inexperience of Smalley, Wolfie and Alessandra and the fact that Hughes is coming back from injury and isn't fully fit yet.

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If we can stop leaking goals (Beresford and Hazell), then surely we don't need to be so prolific?


Keep the Faith

leon clarke

pawell abbot at huddersfield,sure ritchie will help us out.lol

jevons also and whats hayter upto,not really doing out with donny is he???


or maybe like has been said the money saved will now mean we can offer beresford and hazell season long deals....


one things for sure,with him going out on loan shows shez wont stand any messing and if your not doing it your gone!!

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