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  1. Probably due to being drunk/hungover/asleep at the weekend....
  2. I've seen that there's free commentary. Probably given up on the streaming.
  3. There's got to be someone connected to a company on here who would be willing to sponsor the site. £1,200 a year would be reasonable for the amount of users on here. If that's something you'd be happy with.
  4. Robinson has already signed a first choice keeper.
  5. How about a blue and tangerine version with OWTB on it?
  6. They gave it loads to start with. Hence the responses.
  7. I may have had to enter a new one - I just used the old one if I did
  8. I did similar. I logged on after it expired and could just renew with my current email address.
  9. Bullied into a corner.... I said I didn't believe he was going to sign but I was bullied by a poster saying I was living in a dreamworld
  10. You said you knew, not opinion. People tend to get tetchy when you accuse people of living in a dreamworld even when you say you don't believe we'll sign him.
  11. You've changed your tune, you knew it was 100% no on Saturday. Now it's 'highly unlikely'?
  12. I know it can be a bit of work but have you looked into merchandise again? Use a print to order company so you're not left with stock.
  13. Nah. Shez is going back for Greg Fleming.
  14. Obvious troll is obvious.