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  1. He signed a 1 year extension in January.
  2. The Trust should communicate less with the fans than the club - they have paid staff to do so and rely on money coming in from them. With regards to what the Trust do? Have a look on the website - Off the top of my head we've done or helped facilitate - Meet the manager events Playershare Created the monthly Fan Board Meetings We've linked up with a guest blogger to give you player ratings from home matches Created the Former Players Association Had toy and food bank drives to help locals A Question of Latics events Volunteered to provide painting and cleaning services at the club during the close seasons Introduced the Junior Takeover day Took over the promotion of the stalled fundraising for the scoreboard when it struggled to get off the ground Fan's forums and Q & A's with the club
  3. Apologies for the delay - here's the player ratings. Thanks Joe...
  4. Of course it does. If fans paid money towards something for the club and it's not owned by the club then that's not right.
  5. There are a few statements and stories out there which don't quite add up to each other....
  6. And there you have it..... I'd say it's more than close to the wind.
  7. Alan Middleton is also an FA registered football agent - He was also fined £30,000.00 for Fronting (acting as a frontman for an unlicensed representative) in the transfer of Calum Chambers to Arsenal -
  8. That's not how you spell quiet
  9. Looks like some of the problems are caused by a collapsed drain after all.
  10. Who did we spend 6 figures on and where did that info come from?
  11. Haha, I reckon Fane. You could always vote on a different device or IP address
  12. What shortlisted goals? This is just for Trust player of the season, are you looking at the right link?
  13. Welcome to SkyBet Championship, Sir.
  14. It was shortlisted by the Trust (as it is every year), Green lost out due to inconsistency. The appearances criteria was the reason Gerrard missed out.
  15. They have a bigger budget but losing £10 million a year isn't sustainable.