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  1. Probably after the season ends, just a guess. We may sign someone before then but not many teams usually do.
  2. These are great. Missed a trick by not calling it This Week At T'latics though.
  3. I would love to see Aidy White return, proper left back. Can't believe he's only 25 - seems ages ago that he was here.
  4. This is both. They spotted the collapsed drain via a manhole they didn't know was there.
  5. Also - still worried but don't need to bleat on about a point every 5 minutes like some people on this site for it to still be a valid concern.
  6. Are you sure? The Oxford chairman said they wouldn't.
  7. It wasn't scaremongering, it was highlighting a process and situation that the people running our club allowed to happen. That's all.
  8. Last year was the first time in a while that we haven't dug it up and trialled a biological treatment. I think the plan was to do that again but that may have changed with the new partnership.
  9. According to this, our budget in 2009 was £1.6mil (over £1.9mil in real terms) - Anthony Gee told us that last season's budget had increased from the year before but was less than £2mil. We are receiving higher funds from the Football/Premier League now too. I make that as budgets staying roughly the same but income increasing (the League money increase will outweigh the losses in ticket revenue IMO).
  10. What the fuck happened with this post?
  11. I would imagine so. He was really keeping his fingers crossed for an offer last week.
  12. I'm not too sure on that, I think the £110 makes it look that way. This is an 'equivalent' amount though and is around the 140-50 EUR/USD mark and will probably be a 1 off.
  13. I reckon that would be easy enough to get round too if you wanted. There are alternative payment methods around the world which don't require a bank account in that country.
  14. But apart from those, what has Shez ever done for us?
  15. Thank fuck for that