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  1. Magic Mikey - I`m not going to get all emotive. I`ve only ever talked about perspective. Globally there have now been over 28,000 deaths recorded from coronavirus. In the UK in 2014/15, just over 28,000 people died from the flu. That provides perspective. I repeat again - this is not going to be Armageddon.
  2. My wife is a nurse too - I don't usually mention her but again, Dave it provides context. She only has 25 years experience so not as experienced as your partner. My wife is not scared. She knows some nurses who are and some that aren't. Her view is that, as in all walks of life, you get different personalities. She works with 2 "drama queens" and she had a bet to herself that they would be the first to "self isolate" - and they were! They are still off and none stop on Facebook every day. Nurses are no different to the rest of the population - some are great - some are shite - some are drama queens - some aren't. It's the way it is - I appreciate your perspective, Dave. Please accept mine, even if you don't appreciate it. Oh - and fluffy (my obsessive mate mcfluff) - do you want to come and join our little team delivering food to the elderly? - we could do with some more drivers - or do you just want to sit on the sidelines as usual and snipe? If you want to join us, please pm me.
  3. Dave - I know. Over 600,000 people a year die in this country "normally" in any event. Again just for context i.e. it's not armageddon no matter how it pans out. I fully endorse protecting the vulnerable and am certainly doing my bit. I booed at the morons outside a certain pub last night who were having a "closing party" - utter twats and it's people like that that I wish it would wipe out. I still say to the vast majority of healthy people - stop letting the state and its media scare you half to death - you are not going to die! Peace to all, enough said on it now from me.
  4. Although you can be a proper _wat at times (particularly to poor old me) I agree with your underlying sentiment, Monty. Population growth (and how to prevent it) has actually been at the top of many government agendas for years (although in relative secret because of the obvious controversy and emotion it casues). I was on the razz in London once (I know, mcfluff is going to slate me again) with quite a high ranking diplomat. When having had a few pints of the "truth drug" he said something along the lines of, "We can recycle and go electric all we want in the UK - but in the final analysis, it won't make a jot of difference whilst humans are breeding like fucking rabbits. All these climate change activists can't see that the massive elephant in the room is the huge numbers of people on the planet, consuming huge amounts of energy, resources, food etc. It can't go on - we need to get to a stable population of around 3 billion tops." Controversial? Maybe. Truthful? Maybe.
  5. jorvik I do - of the 7%, the majority are also in recovery but their symptoms are classed as severe rather than "mild" (i.e. it's not per se a 7% death rate). The only source of information I use is the WHO site - which is superbly up to date and informative. I recommend it to everyone. Please understand, I am not minimalising the effect on the vulnerable and elderly (I`m currently helping out with shopping runs for an elderly complex). I just don't understand the horrible reaction from the majority of healthy people. I also don't understand "don't go in pubs" but effectively "you're alright packed like a sardine in a supermarket trying to get a tin of cat food whilst the arrogant, selfish fuckers all around you have their trolleys piled high with loo roll and beer"
  6. Hi rude - I deliberately chose 2014/15 because, as you say, it was a particularly bad year for flu deaths. Over 28,000 dead in the UK and yet nobody really heard anything about it and there was certainly no panic! In light of the facts as they stand, my brain simply cannot understand the current hysteria, doom, gloom and despondency. Normally, every day, around 1500 to 1600 people die in this country. So far, I think we've had 108 deaths from coronavirus. We've all heard from serious political and medical commentators that they hope to contain the death toll at around 20,000 here (and I accept they state that will be a reduced because of the measures they are taking). So, in light of that, it means the numbers of people who die might not actually be as bad as a "bad flu year" (e.g. 14/15). So why the completely irrational and over the top reaction from the media, huge swathes of the public etc.? It's a serious question, I`m not having a go at anyone, I just can't fathom it (and I also appreciate all death is sad, I`m just trying to provide context regarding numbers). I suspect the current reprehensible and completely OTT behaviour we are currently seeing from a large % of the population has its seeds in this age of social media and fake news. Too many thickos believe whatever is being tweeted, put on facebook or whatever, no matter how outlandish. In a cafe in Milnrow yesterday (not a pub mcfluff) I heard someone saying that "they are dropping like flies in London" and someone else said "if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds and not have any stabbing pains in your chest, you've not got coronavirus". They looked at me quite strange when I started laughing to myself and then challenged them politely on the bollocks they were spouting.
  7. Just to add a little bit of balance. Out of the known/tested coronavirus cases worldwide, 39% of people (circa 86,000) have already fully recovered with no ill effects. Another 54% (circa 120,000) have mild symptoms and are well on the way to recovery. Those percentages added together gives 93%. It's not something highlighted by the media very often.
  8. Cheers fluffy old pal. I fully accept I`m no medical expert at all, so I took your advice and spoke with a very senior chap (he's a professor and medical consultant) I know well who works at a regional centre for genomic medicine. We met in a bar in Alderley Edge last night (against current advice but it was his suggestion!). We weren't meeting to discuss the coronavirus but I thought I`d take the chance to pick his brains. He put my mind at rest. He said that, for the vast majority of people, the virus will present no great issues and people will get it, mostly with mild symptoms and fully recover. This aspect was not being stressed enough, particularly by the media, who he was absolutely scathing of for creating almost mass hysteria on an unwarranted scale. He also said there were very serious risks to vulnerable groups e.g. those with COPD, asthma and other similar underlying conditions - that is where the mortality rate will be at its highest. Other groups such as the elderly also have to be very careful. He said, presently, the overrall worldwide mortality rate was circa 1%, making it less deadlier than other viruses we have seen over recent times. However, those in higher medical circles believe the mortality rate will turn out to be lower as they know there will literally be tens of thousands of people across the world who have already had the virus, recovered and never been tested (thus bringing the mortality % rate down). In his opinion, if those fit and well largely got on with life as normal, whilst taking sensible hygiene precautions, then we would be okay. His main worry was that in this age of social media and journalistic scaremongering, those people who should not be bothering the system will do - because they believe all the hype. He gave the A&E analogy - he reckons around 60% to 70% of A&E users don't need A&E but the NHS refuses to address that problem. If the same things happen due to mass hysteria from coronavirus, then NHS simply implodes. I`m off to get some shopping for a 90 year old neighbour (seriously - not taking the piss) - suggest if we all act sensibly and look after the vulnerable, we'll get through in good spirit as best we can.
  9. Try to stop scaremongering. UK deaths from flu in 2014/15, for example, over 28,000 Jeez if we get anywhere near that figure (we're currently at 21 I believe) you will believe that Armageddon has actually arrived. When actually, it's very normal for a virus. Chill out man and stop stocking up on loo roll. I don't need to look up exponential thanks.
  10. We don't always agree 😵 simply but think you are right here. Me too. The only thing I`ll add to the debate is that I recall the scaremongerers telling us planes would fall out of the sky as a result of the "millennium bug" - turned out to be utter testicles. Recently we've had the scaremongerers telling us that leaving Europe would be an unmitigated disaster - utter testicles. And now the scaremongerers are having an absolute field day with "coronavirus" - and it will be utter testicles. By all means, take sensible precautions in protecting the vulnerable sectors as best we can; as for the rest of the population, let it wash through relatively harmlessly; because guess what - it sure as hell will no matter what anyone says or does. Oh - and doesn't it bring out the worst in the "me me" culture - horrible individuals clutching three months supply of toilet rolls - they make me puke - selfish bar stewards.
  11. simply - why you got such an obsession ? Fuck off.
  12. whittles - "that's me done with Latics then" was with reference to the strong rumours flying around that a deal was *done" for AL to buy lock, stock and barrel from Blitz. That's not happened yet. If/when it does, I will be gone - of that I promise you. Until then, I shall continue to present my own realistic view of our dire situation. You don't know me one iota - you have no idea how positive I can be when it is appropriate. However, I am not positive when it's not appropriate. I don't follow today's sheep mentality of "always be positive" - because it's utter bollocks swallowed by the likes of you.
  13. Although boycotting since early season, the one game I have seen (due to a promise made to someone) was at Fleetwood away in the mickey mouse cup when their second string massacred us. The Fleetwood fan I was with could not believe how bad we were. Lacovitti and Hamer, in particular, were utterly dreadful and the only player that looked like a footballer capable of progressing us beyond our current level was the loanee, Smith. I think you are right to identify our biggest issues as being at the back but, generally, we are where we are due to the whole squad being mediocre. The happy clappers (like those cheering and clapping Hamer at Fleetwood, deep into the second half, when he was about to take one of his deadly long throws!) keep trotting out the same KTF stuff but there is no sign of us being anything other than mediocre in an awful division.
  14. Aww thanks - sorry - I`m sometimes a bit dim when it comes to this sort of stuff. Please accept my sincere apology.
  15. If you bothered to actually try and understand my post to which you respond, I did say "Putting aside everyone's own view..." I run a conservatory business and I can sell you a lovely £10k one for £5k if you buy it now (and I`ll gladly take credit card payments). I`ll take your money and install it in a few months if that's okay? Oh, by the way I`ve got a few creditors snooping around and I may be declared insolvent pretty soon. But don't worry, honest I`m a good guy - and anyway you can always claim back from the credit card company. I await the queue of logical purchasers.
  16. Putting aside everyone's own view of our predicament, why oh why would anyone be buying a season card NOW in the present circumstances? Defies all logic.
  17. As with Midsblue, I have also been told that the "money person/people" effectively sit in the shadows. I have no idea whether it's true or not but it's something I was told from the off. One or 2 on here are getting all giddy that "at last" everything might be destined to be under "one ownership"(i.e. club and land/stands etc.). Just be careful at getting too giddy. It is, of course, possible that the "money person/people" weren't willing to throw all their investment down the drain (having maybe been screwed over once by not being close enough to things and, effectively, spending a small fortune on an owl logo) without seeing someone's head on a silver platter. Things therefore moved quickly and funds have been found by the "money people" to get us where we are currently. Looking to the future, it's also possible that the land is seen as being of far more value as houses/hotels/business premises than ever it will be hosting a 4th division football team supported by a couple of thousand owdamers. They have sussed out Trust Oldham and know they will never achieve anything through the ACV route or any other (and deep down we all know that to be the case too) so, they speculate now to accumulate later - and the scapegoat's head remains on his neck for now, instead of on the silver platter. Who knows? But we'll pretty soon find out, I think.
  18. "Snake oiled you like cornet did" - what are you on about? Did you bother to attend the meeting with Corney like a few of us did off here? Where you able to view the players' wages (names covered) to put to bed the bullshit you and others were spouting about "paying peanuts" etc. Or, as usual, did you just snipe from the sidelines.
  19. That's me done with Latics then. The worst possible outcome in my eyes was exactly this. Positively scary that this regime may soon be in charge of everything; lock, stock and barrel. If things just carry on as they have, money will undoubtedly be lost hand over fist. The final reckoning of a terminal decline IF they owned everything is pretty obvious. Over and out. Thanks for the memories.
  20. Last time I was in Blackpool a bird shit on my head... So I finished with her 😁
  21. Shakes head in disbelief. This club is fractured like it has never been before and some people (including an influential ex Trust member) think this regime still being around in the future is "good news"?!! Delusional.
  22. I can agree with the "back biting" bit, Lags. Particularly nowadays, plenty of social media cowards willing to stick the knife in - no brains and total shithouses when it comes to a face to face debate though. Trust HAVE been a let down, though. Personally, met with various directors of the Trust on 3 occasions as far back as the Corney days. Intransigent in their approach, way too defensive and lacking leadership and direction. All that has come to a head now, when nobody takes them seriously at all. It's unfortunate because they should have benefitted massively from the current maelstrom. The fact that PTB has arisen from nowhere speaks volumes regarding the ineffectiveness of the Trust (I have never bought all that bollocks that "there's room for both" - there isn't and there never was with a fan base of barely 3,000).
  23. Bloody hell - I think I`m a dinosaur too BP 😀 I find Premiership football boring - genuinely. I can't even stomach Match of the Day any more - I just keep looking at the smug studio staff (Lineker, Shearer etc.) and thinking how on Earth can we pay these people masses of cash to state the bleeding obvious?! I`ve spoken to lots and lots of "reds" in pubs who have never been to a game. We live in a strange world.
  24. Correct - it's what happens when you only listen to one side of a story. I accept the likes of Ste Partington et al are entitled to their opinion. However, it would be very dangerous of the club to think he and his ilk represent the views of "true fans" (which seems to be what they think they are). Many true fans are disgusted at what has gone on at the club and are now voting with their £.
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