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  1. You weren't at Fulham then
  2. Dave_Og


    So anyone know if his contract is up in the summer?
  3. Fair to say that we currently have no Lemsagam duds?
  4. Dave_Og


    Didn't they both play last weekend?
  5. He had serious health issues. Hope this means he overcame them.
  6. Dave_Og

    Courtney Duffus

    Looked into it or had a stab?
  7. Dave_Og

    Doncaster (A)

    Facts? This fella's not going to fit in here 😅
  8. Dave_Og

    Mods - Tarky

    Exactly. Damned if you do etc.
  9. Wouldn't put a bet on it but maybe Mangan has...
  10. Dave_Og

    Ex players and that

    He could be manager here by this time next week
  11. From Tripoli... Can't say we aren't spreading the net.
  12. Dunno but I don't know anyone else with Nevada as a middle name.
  13. That would be a debt free entity with no assets.
  14. Dave_Og

    Daniel Iversen Signs

    There’s a few Eeyores on here...
  15. You wouldn't want him if you asked a Charlton fan for their opinion.
  16. But was Ireland last season?
  17. Dave_Og

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Ignore that - 21 January
  18. Especially as we are nearly halfway through the transfer window and no obvious indication of being knocked over with a rush of offers,
  19. Dave_Og

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Do we know when tickets go on general sale?
  20. Once satisfied all parties by booking for an OASIS weekender. One said they wanted a hotel with a pool, one said they wanted to spend less than £20. Booked a sh!thole with a pool table.