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  1. Rick Sbargia, recently exited from United's youth structure a newish entry into the market.
  2. It can mean financially dormant by virtue of being part of a group where all financial activity takes place further up the chain.
  3. I filed for a dormant company today but it is an important part of our structure.
  4. The senior admin would be my very first focus. Its's the foundation and without that nothing solid can be built
  5. What optimism? All I am seeing is that it's vaguely positive but will be judged on actions.
  6. Nothing to do with grammar. Just entirely the wrong word๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. The playing side is close to irrelevant for now.
  8. Get no. 1 sorted. The rest is irrelevant until it is.
  9. I had word with a bloke at Cambridge who spent the entire game calling him a lazy c***
  10. As he cites his specialism as litigation is he just here to chase Corney?
  11. Possibly so but there seems to be a general myth that football clubs never actually die - they very much do
  12. Chester, Halifax, Hereford, Darlington, Newport, Aldershot, Rushden and more. Phoenix clubs may have been formed but very definitely different clubs
  13. Me too, apart from the none of them went bump bit which just isn't true.
  14. It's a job title. Some people love' em
  15. Or even adjust contracts so that groups of staff get paid on different days.
  16. Still would make no sense for the bank to delay a payroll. No surer way to harm a business.
  17. Does North Oldham have a specific accent?
  18. Beyond bizarre. Not credible.
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