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  1. The Pitch

    Dig it up, lay down new soil, reseed and fertilise. Then when you've got some good growth regular cutting and strimming should leave you with a nice, lush lawn. Says the man with a back yard that smells faintly of dog wee and inferior to those little exercise areas inside US supermax prisons. (Dad advised me for when we move house to one with a garden)
  2. England Squad

    I was going to suggest them too. They're very similar to us in standard and they have a matchwinner in Ronaldo as do we in Kane. They're also like us in that they have the odd tournament where they do well and reach the QF / SF stage and others where they do totally shite and fall out at the group stage.
  3. England Squad

    You're probably right with just Kane. However it's not out of the realm of possibility that a hardworking team ethic can out-trump individual quality even on an international stage. England have been missing a bit of ticker for too long, but that has to turn eventually. Getting that team bond, similar to Wales two years ago, and Greece in 2004, is Southgate's major obstacle and if he overcomes that we'll progress to later stages of a tournament. Far too many times in recent years we've massively under performed at tournaments but the lack of obvious star quality may actually work in our favour for a change. Have to say I've never really rated Southgate as a coach at club level but he's done an OK job so far for England.
  4. Lancashire 2015

    He has been playing for the seconds. Playing again tomorrow. Bad run of form but he'll come good.
  5. Twitter - LaticsGary & Fishul

    Sophie: Oh, Ben. Mr Partridge was just saying he couldn’t see “Bangkok Chick Boys" from his bathroom. Ben: Well you can if you angle the mirror by the door. D’you want me to show you? Alan: No! I only watched it for five minutes! It’s the remote control. It's confusing. Ben: Oh! What you will have done is, when it flashed up on your screen ‘do you want to watch “Bangkok Chick Boys”, you must have pressed the button that says ‘yes’. Alan: Yeah, as I say it’s very confusing.
  6. Another winding up petion from HM Customs.

    Petitioner's solicitor has the same surname as that Jewish one in The Wire. Which made me think directly of this, obvs.
  7. Wellens.

    Presume he meant the first time (in 2009). Definitely a sacking and arguably undeserved.
  8. Well done City

    What the fuck have we turned into? Not in my fucking name.
  9. Walsall (h) 12/4/18

    I don't really agree with this. Think a point against a team that were pretty tough to break down was not too damaging for us. It was a must-not-lose match where we played pretty poorly and disjointed. I'll take a point. The wind spoiled that match. Made it far easier to lose possession and both teams struggled with Walsall appearing the happier side to settle for a draw. MOM was Moimbe. Really impressive performance. I'd love us to secure his services for next season. Their lad got away with a nailed down red on him for that lunging tackle. Doyle cut an isolated player tonight, deserves better than the shit he was getting dished up. As for Byrne, christ he frustrates. And Gardener. Bin him off at the end of the year. It's a step to high this division.
  10. Blackpool (H)

    Haven't a clue who we should start with a I've only seen us half a dozen times and I could barely see past the row of seats in front in half of them. But the team we put on when we had a right purple patch, just after Richie took over, looked fucking stellar. So I'd probably think one as close to that as possible. Have a funny feeling we'll see Blackpool off on Monday.
  11. RGB colour of the kit

    Allo! Allo! We are the boys in reflex blue! Allo! Allo! We think everyone else is poo! So if you are a Citeh fan surrender or you'll die Cos we all follow the Oldham!
  12. Barry out

    Clearly purging any dead wood at the club. Here's a painting of a Spitfire and let them go. Good.
  13. Stayaways

    He does live in Warrington (I think) by the way. Anyway, my point was more than “hurrah, SC has gone, everything is OK again”. It really isn’t yet. It’ll take a good while before the match becomes an alluring thing of wonder for most kids IMO. The club has a fuckload off work to do under the new tutalage to make it attractive. Sneering at anyone who’s not coming back just yet for whatever reason just makes you look more like an elitist cunt than the stayaway IMO. Speaking from my own experiences, our 4 year old has absolutely no interest in footy. I’ve taken him three times and the only time it was bearable was when he was 6 months old and slept through the whole match. Personally I was 8 before I took the slightest bit of interest (I think it was Gary Hoolikin’s bright ginger hair that did it!). With football you’ll always be exposed to it sooner or later so it’s always best you let young uns take the organic route, I reckons.
  14. Stayaways

    Really? I'm sure 0000 can speak for himself but IMO the only thing lame here is someone being chastised for putting his family before a pig skin being booted (badly) around a football pitch.