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  1. Not if you're like me and have bought 5 pairs of trainers since the lockdown started. 😬
  2. Having said that. I like the cut of his jib myself. Calls it how it is on Twitter and he has served his club well. Posh fans have only what we could've dreamed for in the past 15 years. If only we stumbled on an owner like him in the mid 00's rather than the succession of repugnant fucking vampires.
  3. Whilst I'm not denying the state of the press in Spain, the press here are simply not asking the right questions, or probing the government enough. Why, despite the UK having a head start with what was happening in Spain and Italy, were we late to the party in getting the country locked down. We let two huge sporting occasions go ahead (Cheltenham / Liverpool v Athletico) when we should have been gearing for lockdown FFS. Why have our NHS not got enough PPE coverage? Why are we still seeing absolute knobheads roam around as they wish? And by doing so inevitably will extend the lockdown further. Instead the UK press seem happy to report on what the fuck Boris is doing whilst recovering at Chequers. The same man who's not being put to task for the absolute clusterfuck they've made of communicating messages to the general public (the confused mantra coming out from the government was nothing short of a joke). Who's happily put people in harms way by forcing so many to work in conditions conductive to spreading this evil disease. No, I'm sorry, the UK press can get to fuck in my opinion. They need to do so much more.
  4. There were more Oldham and United connections than with City. Back in the 80's/90's we hated each other with a passion. Especially the Chadderton City lot. Oldham used to (still do to some extent) have alliances with Hibs, Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Carlisle and Stockport. Often would have a few going along to each others big matches. It was never singled down to Oldham though. Alliences were sparked up all over the country. When we played Mansfield in the FA Cup 1st round (1997?), 20-30 Forest lads came up with them. Aberdeen have a notorious alliance with Spurs, probably an answer to the alliance created between Chelsea and Rangers. Wigan and Cardiff was another one I recall.
  5. If it was 1994 they got their comeuppance at Victoria station.
  6. Mine's Taberna Tipica El Pozo in Torre Del Mar. You can find it on Google here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Taberna+Típica+El+Pozo/@36.7386424,-4.0928183,16z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xd72387ea8d3def7:0x9705cfdef8634ae1!2sTorre+del+Mar,+Málaga,+Spain!3b1!8m2!3d36.7441242!4d-4.0975579!3m4!1s0x0:0x5e50252344a1e70c!8m2!3d36.7373688!4d-4.0950814 It's quite a touristy town with loads of restaurants. But it's the only one there I've seen nearly full out of season. It's a big hit with local spaniards who holiday there. Had a few different dishes from them, but I keep returning to their Oxtail stew. Two or three fist-sized lumps of oxtail, cooked slowly all day in a rich gravy that I've attempted so many times to replicate but just don't get close. Usually served with chips (they're almost the best I've had too) and sauteed vegetables. Big basket of fresh bread to mop up that gravy. Never need more than one course. Another of my favourites is right here in Oldham. Santos on Union Street. Their Kobida dinners (Turkish Kofta style meats cooked in their charcoal oven). Get a Chicken / Kobida with brown rice and a couple of flat breads and a spread from the hummus / olives / lebanese salad bar for about £12. Feeds two, easily.
  7. At the start if a week I always make up a huge bowl of salad which lasts for lunches around 3-4 days. A little game changer for me is raw mushrooms (sliced as thin as possible) and de-seeding the cucumber. Seems to keep it moisture free and fresh for a bit longer. And fresh herbs like dill or mint in there puts it in the GOAT category. And marinade a soft-ish boiled and shelled egg (6 mins exactly) in light soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and a touch of water too. Another level.
  8. Sorry, I meant the black and pinto beans are the authentic style ingredients. I'm massively glad we've got that sorted, chilli-con-carne fans. Here's Tom with the weather.
  9. I suppose my chilli is more Aztec Zone on The Crystal Maze than a street market in Guadalajara if I'm honest. 😃
  10. I can feel a OWTB chilli-off coming once we return to the real world. I'm with you on chipotle peppers but you're not going to find them at local shops. I either go for slow cooked beef shin or just plain old minced beef. And what's wrong with the liquid smoke? A drop is ace in with baked beans and all. Some people.
  11. Nah. I'm a staunch Black bean and pinto bean man for a bit more authenticity. Dash of liquid smoke and a small block of dark chocolate for the finish too. Phoar. And bad bellends who don't cook their mince until dry and almost crumbly before adding any tomatoes should get locked away in the post Covid-19 sweep along with that cunt from Wetherspoons and Toby Young.
  12. One of my dad's work colleagues passed away yesterday after contracting it last week. He was in his late 60's. My dad (70) has got a persistent cough that's been there for around a week now. No other symptoms and he feels fine at the moment. I'm calling him about four times a day to check up on him.
  13. Do you know, these days. If you say you're English. You get arrested and thrown in jail. These days.
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