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  1. Can see Wellens having a bright future in the game. He'll get picked up by a Championship side looking for a Lee Johnson type. His initial impact with us was nothing short of sensational. Typical early season feeling of woe was completely turned on its head. For the first time in years I genuinely felt confident when going to the match. You can tell once people outside his sphere of influence started to disrupt things our form dipped dramatically. We had the core of a top half team going toe to toe with the best in the division (wins vs Blackburn, Bradford, Peterborough) and that second half of the season was a fucking catastrophe. It seems so distant now. Fucking two years ago that was. Jesus wept.
  2. I have more due diligence when I go about my weekly grocery shop than Team AL.
  3. So basically Corney sold off the family silver in the last stages of his ownership, right? And this didn't come up in any "due diligence" process when AL bought the club, right?
  4. Took my lad (1 week off 6 years old) for his first away day (coincidentally, mine was Blackburn away in 1986/87!). I'd sort of picked that so I could drop him off at my mums in Chorley afterwards and expected us to be comfortably losing so we could dash off when boredom set in early in the second half. However, he absolutely loved it! We sat up near the drumming and singing for the first half and normally I prefer to sit well away from them but after getting over the initial shock of a loud drum banging away near him he was joining in after five minutes banging on the advertising hoardings at the back in time to the beat. The experience has changed my opinion of what the drummer brings. In the second half we moved down near mates and acquaintances and watched from nearer the front, with him sitting in the seat in front of me. The night was worth it alone for the golden moment of watching my son who watched intently as Mouche slammed in our second before I swept him up in the bedlam. A moment I'll cherish forever. Anyway, onto the match. I thought we played OK in the main. I was just disappointed we offered far too much time and space in and around our penalty area. We really ought to have conceded before their first went in. Fantastic character from us and we deserved at least a draw if not the win. It's slightly injected a little bit of optimism in but we need to really tighten up at the back if we're going to keep a healthy distance away from teams around the bottom I feel.
  5. I heard a rumour that someone from a well known investments company (May be Morgan Stanley, but it was earlier this year when I was verbally told) is involved who does have capital.
  6. This has the shades of another MK Dons scenario doesn't it? Egotistical AL won't live with anyone else being able to call the shots at the club. His model of using the club to cream off cash from the sale of his players doesn't really require fans to be reasonably successful, does it? That FLG statement looked reasonable to me whereas the club one had Barry's cack handed paws all over it.
  7. Delroy Facey's name is curiously absent from this discussion. Michael Ricketts is a worthy mention for redefining the word "slow". Steve Kabba ranks up there in a long, long line of can't-be-arsed loan strikers. For those mentioning David Currie, I think he just looked totally shit because of the standards we'd grown used to. He showed flashes of brilliance (Anyone recall that goal into the postage stamp at home to Notts County?) but was one of the biggest shithouse I've ever seen. He probably lacked drive when he arrived with us because he was a goal-scoring machine and club legend for Barnsley.
  8. I wish we were run like them to be fair. And had the same sort of owner.
  9. I keep thinking at some point Barry Owen is going to rip off his latex head and reveal he's really been Barry Chaytow all along. Keep at it you meddling kids!
  10. So, Lags. What was it that first attracted you to the multi-millionaire Barry Owen?
  11. With regards to the language barrier, Mauricio Pochettino spoke no English and required a translator in interviews when he first arrived at Southampton. It's clearly not posed a problem to him in becoming a success.
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