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  1. So, Lags. What was it that first attracted you to the multi-millionaire Barry Owen?
  2. With regards to the language barrier, Mauricio Pochettino spoke no English and required a translator in interviews when he first arrived at Southampton. It's clearly not posed a problem to him in becoming a success.
  3. I for one welcome our Monaco Youth overlord.
  4. Random teams that I've seen abroad and still look out for them. Kartalspor (Turkey), Real Betis (Spain) and Atalanta (Italy). I've always loved Sampdoria from way back in the late 80's and early 90's David Platt, Gianlua Vialli and Attilio Lombardo era. The season they won Serie A last (1990-91 I think) I followed it religiously on B Sky B and they were incredible. High up on my bucket list is to visit the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, hopefully next season. Avai are a Brazilian football team who are a bit of a yo-yo side bouncing between Serie A and Serie B for the past few years. A mate of mine, Blackpool John goes out to follow them all around the country every 3-4 month or so. I follow them for that reason alone. Quite a fan of Argentinian football so the teams I sort of keep an eye on or like are Racing, Banfield and Boca. Another bucket list jobbie is to spend a week out in Buenos Aires cramming in as many footy matches as possible. On these shores I have soft spots for Hibs and Sunderland.
  5. A few of them are. Granted, things like Fulham away are just a great away day that everyone recalls, but ones like that Notts County away where McCarthy scored that hattrick had totally fallen off my radar. Great thread, this. Another couple. Hednesford (1999, w4-2) Back in the days where playing in the FA Cup 1st Round was a novelty. A classic against a plucky non-league side. Good Latics following. Sunderland (1990, w3-2) A bit forgotten since it fell right in that mad spell of games at the end of the pinch-me season. Roaster of a day, great following again and a fine win in a great old school stadium. Not sure but I think we may have still a shout of the play-offs. Sunderland beat Newcastle in the play-offs and went up that season. Torquay (1991, w2-1) League cup 1st leg tie (think we won the second leg 7-1). An absolutely huge Latics flag (one of those old naval ensign ones I think) was in the home end side terrace IIRC. Sticks in my mind that one. Got banned from Barlows after the rapscallions that we were pilfered the services of soft drinks, chocolate and jazz mags. A blessing in disguise!
  6. Speaking of West Ham, we played them the week before Xmas that season. Did 'em 2-0 a week after we got trounced at Watford 0-3. My dad told me to choose which of the two I'd rather go to. Of course I fucking chose Watford. West Ham were absolutely sick of us by 1991. There's a Hammer I'm acquainted with who never lets me forget that.
  7. The best atmosphere I've ever experienced in any match. It was like a tinderbox that night. So tense.
  8. 3-0 Gillingham (Dec 2006) Came during that fantastic purple patch which took us top of the league. Not a bad following considering it was during the festive period and it hosed it down all match on an uncovered stand. 1-0 Swansea (Feb 2007) Real rugged away performance which sent us top. Warney with an opportunistic goal. Long away trip on the train interspersed with snowball fights. 3-1 QPR (Nov 1991) Our second away win of the first season in the top flight. We went in decent numbers as it was our first in the capital that season and put in a stellar performance. 1-0 Chelsea (Oct 1993) A hard grafted win with the Bear grabbing our winner. Backs to the wall as per and a hardy 250 or so on that huge terrace at Stamford Bridge. 2-1 Aston Villa (April 1988) Hit Easter bang in form and went to Champions elect Villa. No-one seriously expected us to get anything. The seeds of Royle's "Bovis Cheats" were sewn then.
  9. This! Scaremongering tactics such as that Port Vale Chairman should be served to galvanise and unify the fanbase. We're at the tipping point now as I see it and unless AL steps forward with a credible plan of action for the future and assurances given to the Trust then he shouldn't be supported and the proper protests should start. He's a year into his tenure after the best part of a decade stagnating. Having seen what the division held first hand since relegation we should've been bouncing straight back up if what he's said so far is to be believed. We absolutely have no time left to just float off on a sea of apathy being fed lie after lie by a charlatan owner.
  10. They've started to realise the natives are unhappy. Don't fall for it. We still need to force the owner out and be in full control of our own destiny.
  11. I'm kind of on a bit of a boycott anyway since I only make 3-4 matches a season. Think I can go the extra mile and only make it no matches a season.
  12. Just wish the Trust had the balls to release a statement to this effect 1-2 years ago. We may have been fan owned and in charge of our own affairs by now, which surely is what the end game is currently. Let's be truthful with ourselves as fans. There isn't going to be some moneybagged heroic local businessmen riding in to provide the capital to get us competing in the Championship. We need to mobilise with unity and start doing what we haven't done in a generation; enjoy being a supporter of Oldham Athletic Football Club. Whether that's at this level or a couple of levels down.
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