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  1. I know. Fills me with glee knowing Barry Shitpeas is at the club, slamming his pudgy fat fist on the table like he's some kind of Tesco Value Tony Soprano, demanding that the DMaarms account is taken down. Hilarious.
  2. I love the Your Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify produce every Monday. Constantly churning out new stuff based on my listening habits. So I usually collate the best of them into my on-the-go playlists. Feel free to subscribe. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/46HAGMvOw7UqRLJBm3bvN7?si=qbG_Vv9eSj28tw3LXK4Umg https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6gAIZiFsx7zZ4HzfowUE8p?si=Thiz5onxSR61bdkEuQk3Lw https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7zREiqaXGi1gciONM2N4dk?si=p4onJeyZS1yNu0I2c_WxoA https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0KPNAGdcIJ6sDLoJnW6Mhl?si=60EmH71OQ8259bmeq2Id3w https://open.spotify.com/playlist/28Hho5Z68WZsxhkuQT27kc?si=QpvzKj-bTveVCFVMV7sbIg https://open.spotify.com/playlist/28Hho5Z68WZsxhkuQT27kc?si=iyo_ZC_fTzWCC6jk8G-v4Q https://open.spotify.com/playlist/404iLmrEXAPJ4B0fNG6N9c?si=8QKefGT4RgCmBBHKkPOPbg
  3. Think that's debatable myself. It's all hypothetical of course but Swindon proved that if you give Wellens the key to his castle you will reap your reward. In an ideal world, AL that summer would have recognised his own mistakes and allowed Wellens to rebuild the side around a key poacher like Doyle and agreed not to micro-manage team matters or pressuring for his substandard European imports to be automatically selected. The above might not have panned out as described but I'm sure it would've been a damned sight more successful than what did trasnpire.
  4. It all compounds the worrying aspect of it all. He's had several managers since and the impact has entirely negative. He decided to bring in a patsy and that had a disastrous effect too. Invest and back a manager just isn't part of his make-up. That much is obvious. It's not going to lead us anywhere particularly pleasant, is it?
  5. He's got talent, you can't deny that. But he has this weird thing where he goes on big long winning runs and also similarly lengthy defeats on the spin. I used to think he'll be gracing the Premiership someday; and he still might. But any club is going to be taking a punt on him I feel. Could work, might not. Hate the twat after how he fucked us over and the whole Chedgate thing, which has further cemented our plight. We'll never see him here again and that doesn't bother me one bit.
  6. True, and it always sticks in my craw, that. He made huge mistakes; and by all accounts the unsettling of the dressing room was rife, with Abdallah personally intruding into these areas and his men on the inside feeding back info to him. It was more akin to a season of Line of Duty. The first half of his tenure we witnessed some stunning football; which pushed us into mid-table. The attacking flair changed to containing football and with an unsettled squad bloated with Mohammed's half-arsed recruits, I'm not particularly surprised we went down. He's proved he's learned massively since then, and his overwhelming success with Swindon felt like a dagger in the heart to me. He was backed by his board there and the results are palpable. He was interfered with here and forced to play players he didn't want to and we all saw the morale drop with devastating circumstances.
  7. It's this kind of bollocks "don't dare dream, just suck it up until someone else will bankroll it" attitude that has put us where we are; on the seabed of the football league with dozens of traditionally smaller clubs looking way, way down at us. Fucking season after season of revolving door strategy with the player calibre going shitter and shitter with each revolution. We've lost 1,000 regulars in a season because of it. 2,000 over the course of ten years. The owner should be scrutinised at every opportunity and his borrow-off-Peter-to-pay-Paul strategy called out for what it is.
  8. Effectively we're terminally ill, going through pain and agony at every juncture. Come forth Dignitas. TAKE ME NOW!!!
  9. Well it's quite obvious where it leaves him. Surplus to requirements and has nothing to offer. The big question is has the owner the bollocks to cut him loose and put faith into more people that know the club and most importantly the league? Could be a watershed moment in rescuing some stayaways. I for one would be encouraged to come back if I saw a genuine concerted attempt to make a proper go of it over what has always been so far, a vanity project for Abdallah. We simply can't afford to lose any more supporters if he wants the club to be in any way self-sufficient.
  10. It's safe to say the original strategy of the owner of bringing in rough diamonds from the continent and blood them in an exciting young team can be labelled a huge failure. Even ones that possessed a clear amount of talent like Mouche lacked the mental and physical toughness to succeed. Will the owner accept this, or are we still to see a squad bloated with these chancers in the hope that we produce one eventually?
  11. From the last couple of fan meetings and PTB 1-2-1's, I think plans to remove said parasite from the club are a long, long way away. It's baffling the esteem the club hold him in, it really is.
  12. Is it worth suggesting that the painful decline of the Trust is symptomatic of the general apathy that has run through our support base for over a decade after being played over and over again by Marco, and before him Corney? People just aren't bothered any more after years of "move on, nothing to see here" rhetoric from the club. Many have just moved on with their lives. There is no stomach for scrutiny among the current fanbase, which is what the Trust have been put in place to do. I have zero confidence that they can represent the fanbase fairly now. The few 'yes men' (amongst the genuinely decent people) that there were have been fully converted into a nodding dog kennel-on-wheels with the addition of Halliwell, who is widely known for his obtuse and aggressive crushing of dissenting voices online. I'm sure PTB will continue to probe, and ask questions which forever need asking given the smoke and mirror operation the club run. But given the club aren't in any way at all answerable to them they'll be swatted away like a minor annoyance. It's sad as their approach is always professional, concise and clear. Major step in the death of the club in my eyes, this.
  13. To be fair, he's been really proactive since the lockdown if his Twitter feed is anything to go by. He's providing a delivery service which has been successful (sells out most weeks). Of course, it's not like his usual turnover but "in danger of going bust" is a bit of a glib comment, no?
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