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  1. I don't know about you but the reason I fell in love with the club was because we were constantly punching above our weight. Sure, I'd see us on the wrong end of proper towellings regularly, but 4-5 times a season we'd turn on the style and bring a supposed big club down to our level. Just them few times are like a drug. Irresistible; which made all the towellings, shite performances and bitter defeats worth every minute of it. The punching above our weight feeling seems to have all but evaporated. Take out Fulham away, I'm struggling to remember occasions in the last five years. The Peterborough win may have been one, but that was around five years back. Clubs way above us in the league, not bigger in fanbase or stature have left us way behind. They're the ones punching above our weight, now we're the ones accepting our impending fate. Relegation, under this regime just seems inevitable be it this season, or the next. Hope and ambition are two relatively simple things that kept me going. They've removed that.
  2. Apparently he’s on less than what he was on at Fylde with fatter goal bonuses. I wouldn’t say we’ve pushed the boat out myself. The only way it harms us is if he scores loads of consolation goals. I get a strong feeling he gets subbed off whenever we go 0-2 down.
  3. no, I used a former address in Manchester. yes, they send an attachment to print at home.
  4. In capitals?! Fuck that, I’m staying well away. 😏 Yeah, standing. Same for me. I’ll be wearing a yellow carnation in my lapel.
  5. Took a punt and bought one in the home end last night. I've got a feeling there'll be Oldham all around the ground.
  6. Was he the black player who won just about every header thrown at him in the box. We could do worse than him, he was OK.
  7. Any Salford spares? I know the answer will probably be no but have to ask. 😉
  8. Definitely not started a divide, I agree with you. But they've done a remarkable job at exacerbating ill feeling between fans with dozens of bogus social media accounts and a plug-ugly public spat with the FLG / Blitz and various suppliers. That cannot be denied.
  9. I've never heard of this transfert markt website before but there was an article on the Beeb recently regarding a company that values players called Carteret, an investment company in London. They assess performances for their current club and the impact for the interested club and sevel elite clubs use their data to identify signings. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50761196 The values stated on transfer markt are just laughable aren't they?
  10. It was said in jest Pete. I think anyone left is a die-hard now. Officially the most unsuccessful club in the football league in the past 25 years. The revolving door policy employed in the past decade involving managers and players has finally had its toll on me this season.
  11. Difference here is the absolute die hard staunch supporters have left post AL. Only ones left are the likes of Paddy and a bunch of others who probably need their hard drives seizing.
  12. It's a fair comment. I love Shez as much as anyone but a manager and owner have to have a good synergy in order to be successful. He and Corney had it, there was no denying that. But there were nothing but issues when Abdallah started to have his influence. It was never going to last and the abomination at Rotherham was the result. Two years further down the path with the mess we're in is not going to result any anything different. Personally, The PT instructor that we have as a manager is shit. But I cannot see anyone else coming in and working well with the hierarchy. We'll scrape another handful of wins and draws between now and the end of the season, when we happen across a team or two who are surprisingly shitter than we are on the day. Finish roughly where we are now and bin him off for a fresh start in June. Rinse and repeat next season.
  13. "Little Hitler Stewards and their slopey shoulder accomplices". Great album from the much missed Captain Beefheart, that.
  14. I was only a pay-on-the-day supporter anyway (8-10 home matches) but have only attended two away matches this season and not set foot at home. I can't see this changing at all until there is a major regime change and a new direction at the club. The bond has been severely damaged and seeing it played out over the season (the very public spat last week especially), I feel a lot of emptiness about the club at the moment. They've completely alienated fans like myself. I have a mate coming for the Bradford home match which will feel odd as I'd normally go into the game but I plan to meet him and just go home at kick off time. I've plenty to fill my life but I would get a ST once the regime has ended and we're either rebuilding it as fans or with new investment on board.
  15. Cheers pal! Wasn’t quite expected but a great Xmas present! 👍
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