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  1. Frankly Mr Shankly

    Ex players and that

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45476430 It's quite sad but nothing you've not read before. Young kid-done-well gets giddy at going from £200 per week to £2,000 per week and goes off the rails faster than Topoff getting ejected from a ground. Hopefully he's learnt his lesson and has a steady career, albeit at a much lower level than he would most likely have had before he started racking lines up left, right and centre.
  2. Frankly Mr Shankly

    Checkatrade .... boycott or not?

    Boycott the shit out of it. Then go when we get in the final. 😋
  3. In the interests of correctness, and I'm very surprised Latics badger Prozac hasn't picked you up on it, is that it was a Monday night match. And Norwich chartered a plane, the fancy sods, for their supporters. Back on subject; how many did we take to Wigan away at the end of the 2003 season, on Easter Monday? I think we had the whole side of of the ground which is a pretty big stand. Must have been in excess of 5k. The bounce when we went 1-0 up inside 30 seconds was incredible.
  4. Frankly Mr Shankly

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Beyond The Boundary levels of mirth, this.
  5. Ignore the first reply. Every club's forum have their dickheads. Well done, it's a great, incisive write-up. Look forward to reading the rest.
  6. Frankly Mr Shankly

    OWTB 2018/19 Prediction League

    Thanks for the kind invite Andy. I'll have to sit it out unfortunately as I'd start off keen and just end up doing what I normally do with Fantasy Football leagues and lose interest after 2-3 weeks.
  7. I don't begrudge the club from making a couple of quid out of Johhny-come-lately's. You can purchase online and print at home so you can still do that on the morning of the match if you so desire (assuming that option is not whipped away at midnight the day before). I'll be doing that anyway as it's often on the morning of the match when I can be arsed / be allowed to go anyway. I can't imagine that many go "fuck it. £4 more? Nah, thanks!" anyway.
  8. Frankly Mr Shankly

    "We should have stayed up"

    I'm quietly confident for this season but I'm totally realistic to expect it could fall to shit quite easily. The longer we remain in Division 2, for me it'll just increase the likelihood on us going into non-league. Really do need an immediate bounce back and get a long-lost feelgood factor in around the club.
  9. Frankly Mr Shankly

    RIP Opinions4u

    Such a sad loss. I had a massive amount of respect for him the way he dealt with his illness with such stoicism. Looking at my little boy as I write this and I cannot bear thinking about leaving him behind at any point of my life. When I think about it that way, I really consider how lucky I am. The sincerest of condolences to Dave's family. Sad, sad news.
  10. Frankly Mr Shankly

    Johan Branger signs

    AL wouldn't even be here if he couldn't bring in players he knows in order to develop and sell on. We have to accept this, as does any coach or manager. The buck has to stop when he's telling the manager who to pick though. That should always be merit-based.
  11. Frankly Mr Shankly

    Paddy Mac gone

  12. Frankly Mr Shankly

    The Pitch

    Tough paper round springs to mind.
  13. Frankly Mr Shankly

    Squad movements, summer 2018

    Jack Byrne is a shining example of how a bad team spirit can take you down, even if you have better players than teams around you in the table. In my opinion, catering for him in the team was one of the main reasons we got relegated. Had far, far worse players in a team than last season yet will to win and team spirit kept us up time and time again. Looked a million dollars until we made investment in him before acting like a spoilt child virtually the minute things began to turn to shit. Sheer brilliant on his day, but an utter shithouse. Pulled out of a couple of challenges in the 2-3 matches I saw in the second half of the season. Really can't abide that as a supporter, no matter how fucking talented the player is. Peterborough, or whoever is in for him are more than welcome to him.
  14. Frankly Mr Shankly

    The Pitch

    Dig it up, lay down new soil, reseed and fertilise. Then when you've got some good growth regular cutting and strimming should leave you with a nice, lush lawn. Says the man with a back yard that smells faintly of dog wee and inferior to those little exercise areas inside US supermax prisons. (Dad advised me for when we move house to one with a garden)
  15. Frankly Mr Shankly

    England Squad

    I was going to suggest them too. They're very similar to us in standard and they have a matchwinner in Ronaldo as do we in Kane. They're also like us in that they have the odd tournament where they do well and reach the QF / SF stage and others where they do totally shite and fall out at the group stage.