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  1. They've started to realise the natives are unhappy. Don't fall for it. We still need to force the owner out and be in full control of our own destiny.
  2. I'm kind of on a bit of a boycott anyway since I only make 3-4 matches a season. Think I can go the extra mile and only make it no matches a season.
  3. Just wish the Trust had the balls to release a statement to this effect 1-2 years ago. We may have been fan owned and in charge of our own affairs by now, which surely is what the end game is currently. Let's be truthful with ourselves as fans. There isn't going to be some moneybagged heroic local businessmen riding in to provide the capital to get us competing in the Championship. We need to mobilise with unity and start doing what we haven't done in a generation; enjoy being a supporter of Oldham Athletic Football Club. Whether that's at this level or a couple of levels down.
  4. To be fair to Paul Scholes. Or just Paul. Or "Scholeseh". He simply has to be given the opportunity to bring players in during the summer when the window reopens. Through injury / stubbornness / owner's crackpot kneejerk reactions we've been left with no steel in midfield and we're finding ourselves constantly bullied out of matches after an initial 20 or 30 minutes of being on top. It doesn't really matter who is in charge, this division is unforgiving when you have a midfield with no heart. Not only that, but Wild and Bunn at least had the benefit of a fairly lethal striker with Surridge. TBH, The jury's out with me with regards to PS. Impossible to tell off the time he's had so far so I guess he's using the time to experiment and work out what's required.
  5. I lie down when I go. Across five seats. Come at me Billy. And you can bring your dinner.
  6. Can't mean The Gate, which was a b-side of This Is Just A Modern Rock Song then? Suppose on reflection, rather than not liking their successfully commercial output, I just had a moment of clarity when it dawned on me they could never, ever release a song as good as Slow Graffiti.
  7. Yes. It was sort of music for misfits back then. The perfect antedate to the rewarding talent-less shites that Britpop was. I was torn with Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Half of it is brilliant. And half of it is absolute bollocks. Stay Loose though. That's a gem. Was anyone at the Manchester Town Hall gig in Christmas 1997? It was ridiculously bad yet utterly charming at the same time.
  8. Adored them from about 1997 until about 2004. Much preferred the shambolic DIY charm of those early recordings. As soon as they got Trevor Horn in to produce a record I didn't feel like band a band for me any more. I'll be forever thankful to them for turning my head from turgid post-Britpop shite to a much more enlightening sound though.
  9. He also went on to state "Messi is another who's never challenged himself". As a good mate of mine pointed out on Twitter. We're really through the looking glass with that sensationalist wanker, aren't we? Does it for nothing more than callers clambering to phone in.
  10. Yeah. A fucking warning could've been issued beforehand.
  11. Haha. We've got loads of them haven't we? The amount of selfies taken in front of the hall mirror in the landing that morning in their skinny jeans, Adidas everyone-has-them and entry-level CP Company coats. One of them concocted the splendid idea of cracking off a cobalt smoke bomb under the stand to spawn a large fan of mobile phones filming it. The hoolie instagram generation. At least in our era we had class. 😉
  12. Mind you, we've only lost one of those matches before yesterday, dire as it was. You can't really ignore the fact that Wild has done a miraculous job in the circumstances. And I'm not an advocate for him to have the job either - it's too soon for him in his career IMO. To be perfectly honest, the massive gap between appointing someone isn't grinding my gears as much as it is others seemingly. I think a couple of flat defeats adds weight to the debate though but Wild's unforeseen success has genuinely bought AL time in appointing someone long term. With someone as hands-on as AL likes to be, getting the right man in is absolutely key to me.
  13. To be fair, if I came across a lottery win worth multiple millions, it'd take me at least five years to do anything more constructive than sit and watch all the box sets I've not seen yet. I'm with him on that at least.
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