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  1. Wary of this one from a TRFC perspective. Can't recall the last season we were in a league above you if we ever were and Mr Wild's a diehard 'tic who no doubt went to games regularly during the Ronnie/Ian era and he'll know the importance. Think it'll be tight and tense. 0-0.
  2. surely you lot will go for April 9? Easter holidays will have just started and should still guarantee a good chunk of the crowd planning to attend yesterday.
  3. Skybet must be praying for this 😂 free advertising
  4. It was a fair result, although if there was a likelier winner it was probably you. There weren't many chances, but you had the best one with Surridge and Scotty D stood up to him and from there we gained a bit of momentum ourselves and could have had another one after we scored, but we were dead on our arse in the last 5 minutes and you could have nicked it with a succession of corners and set plays but ultimately it petered out to the draw. Ollie didn't have his best day you'd agree, he played on emotion and was trying too hard and let your taunts get to him. But that happens, see Raheem Sterling vs Liverpool etc. Hopefully by the time we head to ISZ we'll both be bang in the playoff fight and there'll be a lot more riding on it than it was today. But after being 1 down till 70 mins I can accept the point. You do have some good players there, would have thought you'd have a few more points than that based on today.
  5. We'd take 2k or close to it in the same circumstances now. Seems weird to say it but despite being top and five clear at that point, in the long term the club was on its arse, we were fighting against a rising tide that season and Ronnie didn't have a pot to piss in but got us a brilliant 11 surrounded by literally pub level backups, once the injuries hit us we were gone. Nowadays even a level lower, the outlook for the club is so much brighter- new owners took over, rebuilt, changed outlook, a lot more hope for the future. That's reflected in the followings- we wouldn't have taken 1,075 to Stevenage, or sold out Morecambe and Crewe (with high demand for more tickets) even in that 2012-13 half season.
  6. Whoever asked about the National League, the standard is ABYSMAL. Utterly atrocious. It makes this league look like the Champions League quarter-finals. We had a poor side first season and finished sixth (one place outside the playoffs, although would have actually qualified us for them last year as they expanded it to seventh)
  7. Finally, after four and a half years, we meet again. At one point during our stay in hell I thought we'd be more likely to play Hyde United in a league game. The 'we'll never play you again' shouts probably held water. Of course it's a rivalry! The games from when Ronnie came in and Ian joined in, to the end of our League One stay were as competitive as anything, and had some ups and downs for both of us (the 1-0 last minute when you lot went top in front of a wild BP was a sickener, but we also ruined Big Joe's day a couple years later). We both had quite a few boring seasons in that time and the games against each other added a bit of spice to the season. Mark Allott when he spent 5 minutes with us before we replaced Ronnie with Barnes even commented about how intense the games were and said that at Oldham the games against us were the first ones you lot looked for. But, it's a competitive rivalry. From the first game Ronnie took charge of against you on the first day, you beat us 7 times, we beat you 6 times, 3 draws. Part of our stay in hell saw us take on Wrexham and Chester. Two very small fry teams stood next to us. But you lot were always legitimate, and often outperformed us, even if we had the edge at times. Whereas with them two we were clearly in a different league in more ways than one. We rested McNulty and Banks tonight for Saturday, hard to know what to expect but our home form suits the way we play- we try and play on the front foot with energy and a bit of speed. On the road we've been caught out, but we've made PP a strong foundation. Not seen much of you but Callum Lang sounds like the danger man(?) Anyway see you Saturday.
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