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  1. Biting us on the bum this now..... there can surely be no excuses not to sort it out over the summer?
  2. I will have no interest in saying I told you so if my football club suffers. I will take no pleasure from it whatsoever. All I have asked for to date - not unreasonably - is the semblance of a business plan to improve the fortunes of our club. He (AL) should be concerning himself with improvements to infrastructure, facilities and how to increase income. He shouldn’t be faffing about banishing player after player to the naughty step & bursting into the dressing room every other week. Let’s see if/how he engages with the news Brassbank are potentially willing to sell their land to a fan led group? He could start by appointing a functioning board to include our Trust rep and so she could push for / influence / understand what his Plans are. Alas, we still don’t have one. Hygiene factors like paying wages on time, pensions contributions at all, winding up petitions, lots of disgruntled ex employees, negative journo stories, should be infrequent events in a well run business. In his defence, we have seen less of these over recent times, albeit there was a recent rumour another story could break. Equally I’m not congratulating anyone for doing the bare minimum. For the first time one could argue his foreign legion of signings seem to be making a collectable discernible difference.... and he has convinced one of the highest profile managers we could possibly hope to attract to join us. There are green shoots of recovery.... but we are still mid table in a division below where he joined us, a division we last competed in before I was born. So, forgive me for not being satisfied or lavishing praise his way yet.... but if he behaves, the manager is allowed to do his job, facilities improve & we become competitive, I’ll be the first to congratulate him.
  3. It appears we do.... but I'm sure there are ways/means to break that, should there be a will.... such as a business convincing the council they could create jobs/housing in the area.
  4. Dave, you're coming across really grumpy at the minute.... I'd go as far as to say a difficult read.
  5. ....he owns the buildings - and therefore upkeep of - that make up the Main Stand, Chaddy and RR Ends too doesn't he? He leases the land that those buildings are located on?
  6. Kinell. The land is up for sale. Should the fanled group fail / AL not have the funds / the council not be willing...... the alternative is a landowner with other objectives..... that do not include the football club being resident on it. There is nothing far fetched about that conclusion.
  7. Other than the long term security of a landlord with the club as its priority might give AL the incentive to spend some money on them?
  8. They are AL’s assets though.... not what Brassbank has put up for sale / the fanled group & Trust are exploring buying.
  9. Brilliant news Tracy. I’d like to thank you good people for giving up your time to explore this, for the benefit of us all.... and wish you the best of luck in achieving your/our goal.
  10. If there is no football club resident on the site then their building is worthless. You’d imagine they’ll be selling up lock, stock & barrel.
  11. Thank fook for that. Let’s hope this fan led group can raise the funds Brassbank want. Does this mean the ACV has been activated then? Does it mean Brassbank have an alternative buyer should the fanled group’s bid fails?
  12. Their answers to the Trust’s questions tell us they want to sell the land, do you agree with that?
  13. I think that’s a very charitable position to take. Fool. Fair. I’m happy to do that..... but if he defaults to type, I’m not going to be an apologist for it.
  14. Tracy’s just posted above... it has to come from the council..... and I did say ‘could’.
  15. No. Quite the opposite.... but you can see where this is going. We need some good news. Fingers crossed Tracy’s post above signals we might get some.
  16. We’d better hope the council step in then... or Abdallah is secretly loaded.
  17. I think we’re 10 years+ into that.... and I’m fairly certain a new owner could renegotiate that, esp if ground rent is not being met.
  18. ....it’s obvious. See my posts above. They (Brassbank) have effectively told us they want to sell the land. The Trust have placed an ACV - Asset of Community Value - order on the land. This gives us 6 months to find a buyer to keep Boundary Park a football ground - that could be starting now. That would take us to August. If we can’t, they can sell it to who they want. eg Tesco, or Bovis. They won’t want to be our landlords. They’ll want a supermarket/houses on it. We’ll be homeless. Begging Dale or Bury to let us groundshare, like Charlton & Wimbledon at Selhurt Park in the 80s & 90s, or Brighton at the Withdean. We need to pray for a miracle here.
  19. Quite. How he wasn’t playing with Gevaro in front of him at places like Macclesfield, or at home to Forest Green is beyond me.
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