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  1. .....he was to blame for leaving Corney in charge though... they - TTA - could’ve sold lock, stock & barrel on more than one occasion, but were asking silly money.... I hope the FLG have made him see sense on price.... although I fear not.
  2. Honest about what? Saying they want to oust the owner of the football club? That would be one hell of an aggressive objective to announce. I wouldn’t go public with that, even if I harboured those thoughts.... ....Blitz wants to sell the land.... he could develop houses / flog it to amazon/Tesco et al.... Marco hasn’t got the money to buy it.... so this group have stepped in (they may require funding) to save it from that outcome. If Marco ran the club properly - you cannot argue that he does - then they may be happy to park any ambition to oust him, even if they ultimately would like to. If Marco is running the club in such a way that we run the risk of admin/liquidation, then the FLG being his landlord may just be the thing that saves the club in the end.
  3. Do you know anything of my posting history on here?
  4. League position isn’t the only measure.... we were close to administration under Corney - we may not be far off with Marco either (we don’t know the relative health of club’s finances as he doesn’t submit them).... but there is a scenario whereby the finances are now better and that would mean - regardless of league position & the dubious transfer policy being employed - things are not worse.
  5. Would take some doing that.... but he’s made a wonderful start.....
  6. ...you could've said the same of Tarky at one stage. He's about to go for £40m if some journos are to be believed......
  7. Pleased with that..... so long as we don't flog him before this time next year......
  8. Equally, for some of my favourite OWTB names; @2uptop, @beag_teeets, @Barry Bosnian, @Break The Silence, @Dew Dilly Dance, @Dick_Valentine, @doctor evil, @Fanny Adams, @Fervid, @Fred Dibnah, @funkychicken, @Gentleman, @ghostofcecere, @Horlicks, @Inspiral_Carpet, @lalalajpkalala, @liquid, @lordLOVErocket80, @mickjagger, @No Pyro No Party, @OAFC_ULTRA, @owdumer, @peanuts, @Senor_Coconut, @Sparkleking, @thetramfixer, @wehatecity, @whittles left foot Please take a read of this thread / Keep popping back in as I explain more about how it works and what's new.
  9. There are some OWTB personalities missing from the Prediction League participants list from over the years, it would enhance the competition & be great to have some of the following involved; @alwaysblue, @archiecat, @boundaryblue80, @Clifford, @Crusoe, @deyres42, @Hands on, @kowenicki, @kowenicki'smoustache, @Lags, @latics22, @League one forever, @Londonboy, @mikejh45, @oafcshuck, @OLDHAMADE, @PlayItLivo, @Ritchierich, @sjk2008, @the_mighty_bosh, @unsworth blue, @unsworthlatic, @UsedtobeWozzer, @wiseowl, @Worcester Owl Please take a read of this thread / Keep popping back in as I explain more about how it works and what's new.
  10. ....to be fair... I’ve been lamenting Marco for not stocking enough at the games I’ve been to.... and it would appear it’s Blitz who’s been taking the p1ss. I shoulda known better. The c%#t.
  11. Here you go.... get yerself along to this.... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/presentation-evening-tickets-65555699863
  12. Short highlights of the Raja Casablanca game now on LP. Looks like we got carved open through the middle quite a few times.... keeper(s) had a blinder. Good cross (Gevaro), good header (Sylla?) good finish (Vera) for our goal though.
  13. They haven't 'formally' heard...... so your grandstanding is irrelevant. They did however tell us in Feb they knew of a party in discussion with the owner of the ACV, without any 'formality'......
  14. ....they're only morally obligated to tell us if they've heard from the council regarding the ACV [the ACV that they set up for us].... as it happens, they've told us a party are in discussion to purchase the ACV long before that stage. So, your post is a bit of a farce......
  15. .....that's what I thought.... but read this.... formal notification not received, yet! https://trustoldham.co.uk/may-review/
  16. As Kow pointed out yesterday, the Trust haven't received formal notification of a sale by the council as an obligation of their ACV..... yet! Suggests both parties [FLG and Blitz] still talking..... https://trustoldham.co.uk/may-review/
  17. They're running the OEC Ltd, so I do wonder if they own that entity? Companies Ho says otherwise, albeit that's not definitive.... also note: Accounts Overdue! https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09484918/officers
  18. So, now we've covered how to Predict and how points are scored, one hopes it's clear how the tables are formed? Below are the final 2018/19 League tables, which consisted of a Premier League, Championship & League One. @Ex_pat was the victorious Premier League champion for a record breaking 3rd time [14/15, 15/16, 18/19] by correctly Predicting the outcome of 25 games during the season, more than anyone else. @south east latic was the king of HT. 18 correct Predictions. To accompany his Championship title, @Benja impressively predicted the exact score on 9 occasions, exact number of Latics' goals 17 times [tied with @aidan_latics], but was beaten to exact Opposition goals by @pjkent who got it right 22 times. Four different predictors managed to correctly predict the outcome of Latics' first goalscorer on 9 occasions, they were bitter rivals @milnrow latics & @LaticsPete, @Monty Burns and @rosa, alas it couldn't save the latter from relegation. The King of attendance was @youngen who amassed 52 points including an exact prediction for game against MK Dons, as detailed above, helping to propel him into the Premier League for the first time this coming season. For the forthcoming 2019/20 season - subject to Predictor numbers - could see 4 leagues and the introduction of League Two, meaning any new Predictors would be attempting to achieve exactly the same as our beloved club. Fancy it? All you've got to do is; Pay the £5 entrance fee via PayPal to stevie_j@owtb.co.uk (Please note the underscore) with your OWTB username in the comments box and your name will appear in the following Participants thread; Keep popping back into this thread as I explain more about how it works and what's new.
  19. I very nearly tagged you in that post, just to illicit this very response.....
  20. Andy Holt seems to be doing a pretty good job of running a 3rd division club with arguably less revenue/income.....
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