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  1. Not selling a player but more letting one slip between you fingers and sign for rival. One that still bugs me to this day is letting Richie Wellens sign for Doncaster. We agreed terms to extend his contract but Doncaster offered a 50k signing on fee. We refused to make the difference up. That season Doncaster got promoted and Wellens was their player of the season. We signed Danny Whitaker instead. Under Shez that first time around while TTA were still interested I really think we had a shot at the Championship and Richie was key to that.
  2. He's got a start tonight and the match is live on Sky Sports for anyone who's interested
  3. He's just luck the home fans haven't been allowed at Boundary Park, they'd be after blood and rightly so
  4. Plenty of players train with previous clubs just to maintain fitness, I'll admit that during a pandemic it's less likely
  5. ...and for an added dose of "ex-players and that", it was the one and only Cristian Montaño who scored the late winner
  6. I agree about Johnson. The stability of having the same manager could have paid off dividends over the next couple of years.
  7. One of next seasons kits is being teased on social media, presume it's the away kit.
  8. Sorry if this has been mentioned in another thread. Below is a link to YouTube and a video by Theo Ogden about how he nearly bought Oldham Athletic 20 years but just missed out to Chris Moore
  9. Gerrard leaves Chesterfield by mutual consent https://www.chesterfield-fc.co.uk/news/20202/january/20200123-gerrard-leaves-club/
  10. Details on Tommy Wright's latest bung- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50084923
  11. I'm not one to criticise the current french players...but I sit right by the dugout and every command barked by the Banide and his assistant (they got very vocal in the 20mins especially) was in French. How the hell the English lads know what's going on is beyond me. The language on the pitch today was basically french. This isn't going to work
  12. Great bit of business from our leader. Could have gone to Lincoln for a fee in January, instead gets frozen out of the side till the end of the season, then we release him
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