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  1. Good quality managers at Div 2 are hard to come by.. We have had our fair share of rookies, dinosaurs and under achievers over the years surely we have to hit the jackpot with one of them
  2. I agree,I was completely underwhelmed with his appointment, I think we should have given dino the opportunity to build a side even though I wasn't blown away with him..I reckon 10 games we will know if he's got what it takes to progress us on the pitch
  3. Personally judge him after 10 league games,this will give us a good idea of the direction we are heading under him..End of transfer wonder we will hopefully see 2-3 more players in, im not a big fan of firing of managers but we are at a critical point in our time as a football club plus football today is less about loyalty and more about results
  4. All instruction and team set up comes from him,He must take some of the rap for that crap team performance.
  5. Gary there were still fans giving Wheater grief when he was playing for us and now he's being turned into our savior, he looked complety disinterested in games, not all but in some..
  6. Me personally we have to stick with Kewell for a while give him a run in charge, I am struggling to remember to much of him at Crawley but what I remember at County his football was shocking, carried on where he's left off by the looks..
  7. I reckon we get tonked at Bolton he's gone one thing consistent with Al at least is he gets rid of managers pretty quickly.. Groundhog day approaching
  8. But doesn't like catching the ball, to many occasions were he punches,palms the ball out, and im interested to know how many goals we have conceded from set pieces?
  9. We look very lightweight throughout tonight and I believe we are going to get to bullied against some of the bigger sides in this league, All well and good winning the possession battle but counts for nothing if we come off losing.I know (radio interview) Dino wanted to toughen us up and get some big lads in but we will never know , not sure if tippy tappy football will get us out of this league just to lightweight..
  10. Yes look like a very good pairing.. One thing i do like about Rowe dropping deep , he does create space behind him..Very intelligent player..
  11. maybe bring him back in and send this non league manager on his way..
  12. And i would love to know how many shots Rowe has Actually had since he started but i cant be many.. id be pissed and Djected playing in a Dino side i really hope Dino has some sort of Epiphany where his forwards are concerned because is isnt playing to their strengths quite happy getting all players behind the ball its so negative, and again we got what Dino deserved today for oyr sitting back on the 2nd half..
  13. I reminisce about this era all the time relived all these games in my mind, even the playoff semi final 2nd leg game against leeds united,that bloody Keith Edwards goal again, i hated that man growing up.. i guess i have chilled slightly towards him now though..
  14. They used to say "if your good enough your old enough"
  15. Is anyone streaming the Exeter game before i go and splash out a tenner on it ?
  16. hes played 50 minutes all season? brought in for height and to offer an alternative, I dont understand Dino thinking of persisting with Rowe on his own..crazy
  17. Clueless.. Rowe must be pissed off.. Same set up as saturday.. But with an extra holding man?
  18. needs someone alongside him, and Dino wants to stop having him press every tom dick and harry.. Hes a bloody goalscorer not a defensive forward..
  19. Heres an ideas regards Rowe scoring only 1 in 5 Maybe if Dino uses him correctly and not have him played on his own up front and then tracking back to press opposing players as he was doing against Crewe..Rowe only scoring 1 in the 5 games is down to Dino not playing him to his strenghts.. thats my thougths on Rowe..
  20. I felt sorry for Rowe on Saturday, I dont think Dino is going to get the best out of him to be honest...
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