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  1. I work in Haslingden and its one of those places were everybody knows everybody or seems to be related.
  2. I saw him twice, first time was City at home and he conceded 5 mostly from being pathetically weak. The next was the season after against Middlesbrough and he conceded the first time the ball came into our box. Luckily the Middlesbrough game he wasn't tested again and we went on to win 4-1.
  3. If we are playing well consistently we will get more supporters through the gate. It has happened before and will again.
  4. He scored for West Ham the other week in the FA Cup
  5. Sean Mccarthy is Welsh. Mick is from Rotherham.
  6. Ricky Holden was nothing like Bahamboula. He didn't use pace to beat his man and only needed a half yard to put a fantastic cross in. Him on the left and Neil Adams on the right was fantastic to watch
  7. Martin Taylor for Wycombe and before that Derby always had a blinder in goal against us.
  8. Get him out on the right running at the fullback with Nicky Adams overlapping. Him being out wide will create more space in the middle and stop them doubling up on him.
  9. Tore Pedersen, looked decent then got injured. Cristian Colluso is another.
  10. I remember the Perugia game as Marco Negri played for Perugia and then the following season signed for Rangers and scored loads for them.
  11. I found the whole selection ridiculous. No point sitting back with no forwards and expecting to do anything against a team so far up the leagues
  12. Stoke at home in the LDV trophy. They scored and then the floodlights went out. We won the replay but can't remember the score
  13. Anybody complaining about Lawlor needs to watch Neil Etheridge's 'Performance' today.
  14. It is the same fella, not sure why he changed his name
  15. Bobby Reid scores against Liverpool, I never thought he would end up as a Striker.
  16. Sharp getting rid of Ritchie cost us on the pitch as well because he was in fine form. I remember the feeling of dread when Sharp got the job. I never thought much of him.
  17. Kean Bryan starts for the Blunts tonight making his Premier league debut.
  18. Should have been a red that but who cares, a fantastic win
  19. That header early in the second half was brilliant. He certainly looks like he will be a good player
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