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  1. Yesterday I sent Natalie this email shown below with her reply. Hi NatalieI have 2 season tickets in the Joe Royle Stand. I am aware that for whatever reason the JR stand is not currently going to open. However when I log on the website is letting me renew my seats in the JR stand. Obviously I don’t want to purchase them to then be told they are not available.Could you please confirm the situation regarding the JR stand and also inform fellow fans of the situation.RegardsMichael Hi Michael Many thanks for the email. The Joe Royle is still off
  2. Just wondering what people are making of the fans bar in the Joe Royle stand. Was in there again today and couldn’t help but feel there were more Grimsby fans than Oldham at one point. Left at 2.30 to take our seat and had a quick pint on the concourse in the JR stand and there must of been about 10 people there max. Anyway what I’m asking really is if this carries on what is the point of opening the concourse before a match as surely it’s not making any money. Also this new company Quirky Catering what exactly have they done so far ? Same choice of drinks but you can’t even pay on a card now.
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