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  1. when lots of OAP'S were getting distressed as they could get in the turnstile they have used for years , thinking they couldn't get in An additional 100 yards might not be much to some people , but is to others Was it so hard to programme the scanners correctly , Hopefully the club will address the issue ,
  2. Total cock-up in main stand , Me and my 77 year old fathers seats are in the lower paddock near the Chaddy end . We have been going in the turnstile near the Chaddy end for donkeys years . with the new system we cannot use that turnstile . we have to use the turnstiles near the old club shop and then walk down the front of the stand to sit In our seats which are about 20 feet from the turnstile we were denied access .
  3. The white banner was a hand made & said "dean holdens blue and white army "
  4. "Your only here for the ball boys " shut the dale fans up at spotland
  5. Yes a beer or 2 , that was us lads from the bluebell Royton ,
  6. Barry never speak or act as a fans rep ever again , you have lied to us , called us for not turning up at BP, your a total joke , is this your vision of our way forward to get more fans at games ? , latics fan since 73
  7. Got 2 cracking shirts (70's round neck and early 80's with collar) from toffs .Great quality shirt with proper badge on them , i will not be wasting any money on Sondico crap .
  8. Met Frankie Bunn and had a beer with him in Pacos bar in Al Ain , United Arab Emirates
  9. Was in the same pub and signed the same card ,seen him at a few away games and heard so many good things about him , best wishes with the treatment ,
  10. been to many away games this season were there has been a HT smoking section , open one gate ,a few stewards and ash trays , spoke to the stewards at posh ,port vale and MK dons , they all said 'works great for us' , we dont have go in to a crowd of away fans to pull one fan up for smoking ,which causes problems ,every body who wants a cig , can have a smoke at ht ,fans happy ,stewards happy , dead easy
  11. Norwich in 1994 as well, our last match in the division, went all the way to Norwich dressed as Pluto. O to be young and daft again
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