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  1. The giant scoreboard with the funny 'graphics' ('OOOHH' when we went close). Speed walking from the Fireside Corner shop (where my Mum used to drop us off for home games) with my Dad because I wanted to get a good place at the front of the Chaddy End. The Rochdale Road End (still terraces) absolutely packed when a 'big' team came and brought a load. It looked scary from the opposite end. Taking in the Kop from the other end of the ground, first game of the season 90/91. Pinching myself I was at Anfield. Andy Ritchie always seeming to play with
  2. Joe Royle's role can't be overstated. Yeah, we had luck at times but we made our luck by having an attacking mindset and never giving in. Our team then seemed to reflect his personality - go out, give it a go and just play. He had a plan. Get young players in (especially defenders) who were mobile and had a point to prove. Have a few in the squad who can play in different positions - handy when injuries kick in. Above all, keep it simple - two ball winners, two wingers, get the ball in the box, repeat. Simple. He also got why people come to watch football. Fuck your Jose Mourinho-s
  3. For three-four years, every match was big. And not in a "We have to beat Walsall or we'll be bottom of League Two for fuck's sake" way. I mean BIG. It was either a huge cup match, or another step towards promotion, or one of the 'big' teams at home. Every single match you had anticipation, nerves and excitement. Can you believe that?! Night matches at BP were electric, especially cup matches. You knew something amazing was going to happen - either another comeback from the dead, a brilliant goal or just a great game. You looked forward to games. You liked going to the games. Being at the
  4. I'll post more on this later as I have been thinking about this a lot recently. My first match was February 1989, the season before the magical cup runs. For me, two main things have stayed with me (apart from the great football, goals, memories etc): Everything was different. The plastic pitch. The inflatable dogs. Standing on the fence at the Chaddy End. Everything was new and exciting. Plus, even though I was too young for the Madchester thing (and I lived in a shitty area of Rochdale anyway!) it felt like Oldham - and by association me as a fan - were at the centre of the world with things
  5. One half of the legendary 'Beavers-Agogo' strike force I think? Terrible news. RIP Junior.
  6. Would be great but would imagine higher L1 clubs would be after him. Only maybe Bradford from L2 would be in with a sniff I guess.
  7. Such a good point. Normally at the start of the season I'm usually hopeful. This season I thoroughly expect us to be dreadful and fear the worst. This all seems to be self-inflicted as well. It's just crazy.
  8. Anyone heard if Baxter has got himself sorted with a new club yet? Still think a 6-month contract for him wouldn't be the worst move if not AND if he's kept himself in reasonable shape...
  9. Spoke to a mate from the Nottingham Post for some possible intel. He said he can't see Clough coming to League 2....
  10. Yeah, nowhere near the worst. He wasn't great but usually gave his all and summed up that Ritchie 98-2001 era; we seemed to have lots of players who weren't the most talented but put a shift in most of the time.
  11. Was crap but I think did get a couple of goals. Or maybe one (Crewe away possibly?). But yeah, on a par with Facet for crapness.
  12. He wasn't the shittest but I found Stuart Barlow really irritating. Yet another of the not very good former Everton brigade and seemed to miss loads of easy chances. Depressing we got him after great/decent strikers like Ritchie, Marshall, Sharp etc.
  13. On the positive side - he turned into Maradonna for one night vs Notts County in the League Cup. Scored two, including a brilliant one. One the massively debit side, should have scored a glorious late equalizer at Old Trafford but was scared by Schmeichel. So yeah...he can do one. But not the worst.
  14. If you judge it by reputations (as in you thought they could still be okay but they were total crud) then Brett Ormerod, Ben Burgess and Steve Kabba were all just appalling. Then there were others who just weren't up it - Matty Barlow, Paul Beavers, Junior Agogo, Molango, David McNiven, Dean Crowe, Dean Kelly etc etc...
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