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  1. He could be reading out my winning lottery numbers and I wouldn’t want to listen.
  2. Wow, I hadn’t realised it had been seven years since our last opening day win! I guess when you win so few games generally it does make it less likely.
  3. 1. Lawlor 2. Hamer 3. CBJ 4. Jombati 5. Piergianni 6. McCourt (?) 7. Fage 8. Whelan 9. Keillor-Dunn 10. McAleny 11. Grant
  4. Yeah. Corney gave him a big, fat contract with other people’s money. AL wanted him out. He’s right though.
  5. Cheers, @south east latic. A pity the final came down to such a tight and underwhelming conclusion. As others have said, the prediction league has been the one bright spark of this sorry season. Thanks very much to @Bristolatic and @oafcmetty for their hard work administering the thing.
  6. It’s all a bit desperate but wouldn’t I have picked up a solitary point for correct number of goals for the opposition at 90 mins?
  7. From the article you linked: - “With fan consultation and feeback for the home and away shirts, as well as a vote, hummel decided that the third shirt should remain with the current shield that has been used over the last few years to cater for all.”
  8. Just catching up with the result. A pleasant surprise. Hard luck BP. Probably see you in the Championship again next season.
  9. Not as effective as Ollie Banks. There, I said it.
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