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  1. Are the odds on winning the jackpot 35,960 to 1?
  2. Nope, but I do receive the helpful email reminders. I’ve no excuses, apathy rules.
  3. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to dig myself out of a ‘forgetting to predict’ hole. It’s certainly squeaky bum time for Milnrow, SAV and me.
  4. Possibly with the offer of a generous Premier League pension scheme.
  5. My thoughts too. I can’t shake the sight of him waving Placide back to his own goal rather than attack the corner in the last few moments of the Northampton match. Looked like he was happy to see us drop (which surely wasn’t the case, but the impression I got).
  6. Or he was duped into changing his will by Desmond the Dragon? The bastard.
  7. I only access through mobile, but looks helpful if you’re on a desktop/laptop.
  8. I understand that the link to check that you’ve posted includes all predictions to date, but could it be set to report back in reverse order so that the latest predictions appear at the top?
  9. He could be reading out my winning lottery numbers and I wouldn’t want to listen.
  10. Wow, I hadn’t realised it had been seven years since our last opening day win! I guess when you win so few games generally it does make it less likely.
  11. 1. Lawlor 2. Hamer 3. CBJ 4. Jombati 5. Piergianni 6. McCourt (?) 7. Fage 8. Whelan 9. Keillor-Dunn 10. McAleny 11. Grant
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