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  1. Probably on more money now than we could offer……
  2. Might be on a major scouting for players mission …….
  3. I fully agree but I would have thought a football league club would be an easier sell to a prospective purchaser than a national league club. The fans really are caught up in an intolerable situation, boycott and cut of the owners revenue stream = administration = National league or even worse be another Bury Fc. Support the club by attending games and spending your money = your financing the owner. Only time will tell what the outcome will be. Its a lot easier to sell a club that's up near the top of the league with a good steady fan base than a club were its supporters are boycotting and demonstrating at every home game. Really do wish we had a real solution to the problem. Guess we all need to KTF
  4. Its heartbreaking to see what's going on at my club. Just cannot see an easy fix. if we get what we want and Abdullah and Mo go. I assume no one is waiting in the wings with loads of cash to fund the club moving forward. I am sure Bury fans wanted the same and got there owner out. How did that go ? I have no answers or ideas as to how we resolve this situation. Unless a fans numbers come up on the euro millions or someone is prepared to buy the ground and the club (at these overinflated asking prices) were do we actually go from here ? Apart from Abdullah can anyone actually remember any other viable buyers when Blitz and his amigos were selling ?
  5. Think Curle as brought in Team of jokers to match our of an owner ….
  6. Well was first in the queue this morning and get my season ticket that I purchased last Wednesday.
  7. £10 on iFollow as I believe are all midweek league fixtures..
  8. We will play worse than this this season and win. if Bradford and Newport are favourites to go up then ???
  9. Many thanks for the quick response. Guess it’s all down to communication which we know the club is not great at to say the least. However as per the club update “Non-reserved seats will be available to purchase as season tickets online from www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/tickets/future-ticketing/ fromTuesday 10th August at 10.am”. Gives me more time to come to my senses………………
  10. Lost the will to live trying to buy a couple of adult season tickets online today in the North Stand. Must be a sign not to bother. Anyone else been able to purchase one on line ?
  11. You can have the best coach/ manager in the world but half of these players can’t even do the basics of controlling the ball .... half of these would better playing with a F—- kin cube .......
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