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Helicopter at BP

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Helicopter just landed at BP. Hope its not our previous owner!!!


My Dad was telling me about it, landed and kids we're shouting someones name and they waved at him...but the name he didnt here.


Maybe its just Mr. Corney or possibly a superstar about to sign for us?

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long shot!!!


was it a military helicopter???


Royton ATC are in the final for the best sqn in the country.... it may be the inspecting officer doing his rounds...



that or a casevac to the hospital.... kids a bit sick though cheering!!! lol

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I'm sorry but Frankie Dettori is very much a White Hart man. He used to go in regularly to watch Wayne Bentley sing.


I think Frankie would prefer Victor Michael and his Italian songs. :D

(He's very good Victor isn't he).

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Exclusive to OWTB

Bush arrive on Clayton Playing Fields and supports new Stadium development and Bid to sign a Left Back !

Typical Bush. He turns up to fight the War on Terrell two years after he's moved out to pursue his career of evil elsewhere :dunce:

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