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Greegs is always a big miss. Hazell plays better when he's alongside him as well.


Stam will do for emergency cover, but not long term. He's just not the player he once was, and hasn't been for a couple of seasons now for me. I always wince when he's under pressure, just waiting for the error. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy greatly, but I just don't think he's good enough. Dickinson bullied him all game, although he should have been booked for diving, the cheating ex-County w*nker.


Greegs can't come back too soon.

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Stams first game of the season, full game that is. Give him a break.



gregan would have ripped his neck off in the first min, let him know hes there, he bullied us all day.


stam played crap at burnley and morcambe (full games) him and hazell............SHOCKING

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Gregan without any doubt would have dealt much better with the Dickinson threat than Stam and Hazell did yesterday.


Dickinson is a very similar player to beckford... similar history, similar pace, size, level of hype.... Gregan made Beckford look like a pub team player, he would have done the same to Dickinson.


...Bit bemused as to why on earth Byrne didnt start, but hey, in Shez we trust...

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Its no big deal, we missed our captain on Saturday but still got a point and still undefeated. We have 2 games now that will show how far we have come, County and Hereford are games we should be taking 6 points from if we are looking for promotion, with or without Gregan. Everyone in banging on about Leeds, yet they took 70 min to net at home against Hereford. Points will be dropped all over this league, it how we play that counts. :D

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