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The Lookers could still work?

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Notice that there is a very empty space where the Lookers Paddock is/used to be? Remember when the Paddock was non-seated? Well I think you've guessed by now. Could we use that space of the Paddock for fans willing to stand for the match?


There are no food venues so why not either get a mobile stand in there or let fans walk from to the Chaddy/RRE via the gates on the pitch. The turnstiles, well where the doors used to be, convert them slightly? Money can always be made.

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They’d never get a safety license for people to stand on their. Not without doing a lot of work on it and I can hardly see it being worth it if they are eventually going to knock it down to build on it.


Bare in mind we're having it for a while since the credit crunch. Just thought it might bring in some coppers.

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