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Sheff Weds sell 3000 tickets already

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We are on a good run, creating chances and scoring goals.and Wednesday are up at the top pf the league.....if we can't get 4000+ home fans for this one then we never will !!



We beat em 1.0 a few years back with a Vernon header when they brought 4300, no worries...

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We beat em 1.0 a few years back with a Vernon header when they brought 4300, no worries...




It's funny. I don't imagine I'm unique in this respect but for all the hundreds of Latics games I've been to since Middlesborough at Ayresome Park in 1990 as a 3 year old (some guy called Palmer scored a screamer and I only went because my dad had to look after me that Saturday as my mum couldn't get it off work - not a bad time for him to persuade me to support Oldham) I remember very few in any detail. There's no chance of me ever breaking it down like prozac did on here recently. But that win against Wednesday is one of the few. For me, it was all about Shez that day, and that season at Hillsborough. Ran the show both times and got an amazing reception from their fans, the likes of which I've never witnessed before or since from opposing supporters other than perhaps our fans at Barnsley when Tricky Ricky and Stitch were in charge there (I'm sure someone will think of others).


Just had a look and our teams against Wednesday that season make interesting reading:


Away: Pogliacomi, Clegg, Hall, Haining, Ndiwa, Murray, Sheridan J, Sheridan D, Eyre, O'Halloran, Antoine-Curier. Subs: Grange, Tierney, Holden, Roca, Vernon


Home: Pogliacomi, Holden, Owen, Hall, Griffin, Murray, Sheridan, Boshell, Cooksey, Johnson, Vernon. Subs: Westwood, Tierney, Clegg, Eyres, Roca


and we took 4 points off them!


Of all those youngsters only Tierney has really gone on to make anything of top career (other than maybe Westwood but he was never really ours I don't think) and it's a massive credit to the club that we survived that year considering the squad we had, or lack of one. I've forgotten who Grange ever was. I think Hall and Griffin are both at Hyde now and Roca at FCUM, maybe.


Thank the Lord (and no, I don't mean Kangana) for Sheridan, for TTA and, dare I say it, the early days of Brian Talbot. It's easy as a Latics fan to think there have been better days, but there have been a hell of a lot worse too. The home win against Wednesday was 3 weeks before Celebration Sunday and TTA's arrival. Dark times indeed. And just remember, at least we're not Stockport.

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