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  1. Swindon's Chairman is also the Chairman at Waterford. Richie, Tommy and Shez all on his books. Good midfield.
  2. Agreed. It seems the general consensus is the players and coaching staff are here because they’ve been given the chance to be here. Whether they’re capable or not is not for them to determine. The fault, if they’re not up to scratch, lies with the owner and Sporting Director who are responsible for recruitment. Whether you/I think they should be held accountable now, or at the end of the window, we all know where blame lies if the team remains where it is in the table.
  3. I’m looking at the top of League One Zorro. Lincoln Blackpool Wycombe Yes, I am crying.
  4. Haha. When we we’re good enough to have rivals?
  5. Am I right in saying there was once a relatively long drawn out process of proving your credentials before you were allowed to post on owtb? Just saying. A kind of fit and proper review.
  6. He got our first. Nicky Henry got the second. The brace that day was from Shez.
  7. Support: Oldham Go to watch: FC Zurich (closest team) FCZ could yet sneak into Europe going into Saturday's final game having been worrying about relegation until only a couple of weeks ago. Such is the nature of the Super League. Lost 3-0 at Luzern last night which didn't help the cause and now need to win on Saturday and hope other results go their way. Barring a miracle it's been a fairly disappointing season. Grasshoppers are down though, so happy days. Tenuous link to Latics - Mohamed Maouche's younger brother Yassin plays for FCZ's reserves.
  8. Ask 100 football fans from across the country what colour they associate with each of the 92. For Oldham, they'll say blue.
  9. I'm not a member of the Trust and reading this means that won't be changing.
  10. Hi mate - sorry not had time, but having read it quickly yesterday there wasn't much new in there for me other than his nickname! The fact a publication like France Football saw fit to publish a fairly in depth piece on the owner of Oldham Athletic is interesting though. Good luck to all those trying to hold the owner to account and to encourage improved management of the club.
  11. https://www.francefootball.fr/news/Abdallah-lemsagam-une-ombre-tempetueuse-entre-nantes-et-oldham/1005358
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