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Valentines Day

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The Christmas shopping campagin thread made a big difference to the success of PlayerShare WebShop so I thought replicating it for the expected spend on cards, chocolates and flowers on 14th February might be a useful way of reminding Latics fans not to forget and also saving them the effort of a trip to the petrol station at the last minute!


So here's some suggestions:


Card: M&S Personalised Greetings Cards will pay 12.5% commission.


Flowers: Flower Card pay 12%. Flowers Direct pay 12%. iFlorist pay up to 13%. InterFlora 8%.


Chocolates: Thorntons pay 8% and do some nice gift wrapping!


Time away together: Hotels dot com pay 8% and help you choose from a massive range of hotels. First TransPennine Express are great for train tickets. Or for something more exotic perhaps using Expedia who pay up to 12% commission is the way to go.


Mobile Phone: Help your beloved keep in touch ... a Carphone Warehouse phone deal can rake in £50 for PlayerShare.


Other gifts: A1 Gifts may give you the inspiration I'm clearly lacking to help find something a little different!


Please use your PlayerShare WebShop for all your online spending.

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Me and the missus binned this crock of :censored: years ago, we go all out on our Wedding Anniversary instead. No florist, chocolate or card companies control me. Load of old pony! Waste of money, and anything that crops up during the football season is insignificant anyway!


If that's makes me a miserable bastard then so be it.


However BJ and Steak day, does have potential I feel…..


Come July when it's our Anniversary I will look at the links for PS Webshop thingy

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