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After the home game last time out v Stevenage I came away from BP thinking it was possibly the worst atmosphere I had ever seen at BP not just the preformance. I appreciate that they both go hand in hand to an extend.


So tomorrow al la Pompey please can we get behind the team, make noise, support the players we all know they are going to make mistakes at times which is why they play in League 1 not the Premership, not get on people's backs, sing just do anything that creates an atmosphere


If the players dont preform on the pitch fair enough but we on the terraces have to preform as well imo


Im one on the side of thinking that Dickov aint the man to take us forward but as long as he is the manager here we should support him not make the job tougher by booing players


Lets give 100% and hope to see the same likewise from the team!



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As much as I want there to be an atmosphere.. It won't happen.

I'd love to sing my heart out but would look daft on my own.. especially in the chaddy.

The overall feeling of the fans at the moment is pretty fed up really as we have no consitency, no real form, and hardly any good performances and until that changes I don't think there will be much of an atmosphere. A few of my mates from the RRE have just stopped going (they shouldn't but they have).

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This might be an bit of an off thing to say but I wonder if it’s an age thing.

Lots our fans are starting to knock on abit and maybe while being die hard supports - aren’t as vociferous as some of the young folk are? I’m not having a go here I’m just throwing something out there….

My biggest issue is that everyone sits so far away from each other the atmosphere never really build just one or two people.

I wonder how many people actually know more than 2 latics songs

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I think you are on to something there bluehobbit.


When I look at our fans i always think they are either really young or really old - we seem to be missing lots of fans from the generations that would have grown up with us in the top 2 divisions which is sad.


I think a lot of teams have big support from blokes aged 20-50 who will sing and shout but we don't seem to have that apart from at the big games.

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