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Mark Crossley signs

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I also think this is an absolutely brilliant signing...


We all know how erratic goalkeeping can be in this division, and generally, all you need is a solid keeper who does not make mistakes - Crossley is exactly that, and will give us the dominance, trust, and experience that we have been sorely lacking between the sticks...


His experience will also great value on bringing out the great keeper that Pogs could possibly be...


A shrewd signing from Shez... and the first of many i'm sure...


In shez we trust!

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At nearly 38 I think he is certainly past his best.

Having said that he was a Premiership keeper in his day and is now dropping to League 1.

If he is also coming in coaching capacity as well, his experience and class should help Pogs and the young keepers at the club.

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Will he coach the back up first team keeper? Do we still have a goalkeeper coach?


We never had a full time one... Brown (also head scout) did it according to the OS.


I guess he can still help out, but will allow him to focus on scouting.


I think this could prove a huge singing. 37 is not that old for a 'keeper and he's going to be very reliable compared to a younger player.


Only concern, as ever with older players, is injury - but hopefully he'll be ok.

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He is a great signing In My Opinion. (Is the abbreviation IMO text speak?)


I note that he can also save penalties too, the only one against Matt Le Tissier and in the FACupFinal. Not bad.


Also I see more signing could be captured later this week, we have been quietly waiting here, (not pulling our hair out at all) and JS has been on hols sunning himself, with all these acquisitions virtually concluded before he went.


Fixtures, first rate keeper, and more signings to come.


The excitement doesn't end, just over a month till we see the boys in blue step out against Barrow.

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super signing, vast experience and will stand for no messing about.

still a great goalkeeper but didnt think he was 6,4 will defo command the area with maybe pace coming off his line might be the only worry !

well done shezza keep em comin fella :grin:

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