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Tom Finney

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Shame there isn't much footage of him. I don't feel good about talking about him as a footballer as can never see him play.


Always seemed a really nice bloke in interviews, big shame his career was so only 12 years due to the war. RIP

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I was at Deepdale to see Stockport beat Preston in the third round of the FA Cup in 1998. I think Latics lost at Cardiff that day.


Stood on the archaic side terrace at the front of a mainstand well beyond it's sell by date, opposite an impressive new stand with Finney's face etched into it by a clever seating arrangement.


The wind was whipping around the place. What's now the away end partially constructed. Home fans in the old stand to my left. And a red carpet rolled out of the players' tunnel near where I stood. Some sort of presentation apparently.


The recently knighted Sir Tom Finney emerged. A slight, elderly gentleman who seemed truly humbled. The genuine warmth / love of the locals for a man who had retired half a century early was moving to the extreme. Local hero is an understatement. The only similar moment I can recall is the reception Joe Royle got for the first game of his second spell as manager at Oldham Athletic. But while that was filled with hope and expectation for a possible promotion that was never to materialise Finney's moment in January 1998 was a notch above. It was a pride, appreciation and love shown for a man who, while never able to repeat his greatness from the past, would never have his achievements and contribution forgotten.


"To me Messi is Finney reborn" - Tommy Docherty. No finer tribute.

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I saw the latter end of his career.i had the privledge of meeting him in the late eighties.he was chairman of preston health authority and had come to my hospital at Bolton for a meeting.i saw this chap lost on one of the corriders-its tom finney.i was in his haw.whilst I took him to the meeting venue we chatted about latics.he was well clued up on jimmy frizz and big joe.he his the last of the immediate post war greats.tom finney rip.

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