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What has happened?

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Since December we have been on this roller coaster of some dreadful losses and the less frequent great victories


Then depending on which it is -the same old story- win= Bags of character, unity, would walk through walls for each other Lose= No character, no effort/passion, leadership etc, useless players


There must be more to it- what are your views please?


I saw us at Bristol the 1st loss after the run and Sheff Utd and felt we were virtually unbeatable, but that is now a distant memory- so what has happened in the longer term?- as all the cures have been applied - Miissing Kelly, Missing Jones, Need Wilkinson need a New Keeper, Get rid of Danile Johnson. The other Johnsons tactics and tinkering, Holden's naivety- but whatever is changed the pattern seems to continue?


I am sure lots of theories have come in other posts and hope I am not starting a pointless post


Incidentally I am in Papua New guinea and not back til the morning of the MK game and before going wondered what the 3 games I would miss starting with Yeovil would yield- I was thinking 4 or 5 would be a fair return- Still possible but would need 2 consecutive good performances- which is where i came in

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We got on a great run of form and it was extended because the confidence was flowing and we hadn't lost many games, then we lost to Bristol and the players lost all of that confidence, we went through a very rough patch on the back of that and have now tailed off to play the inconsistent way that is probably befitting of the team. Recently we've been winning games through individual wonder-goals and have been pretty poor.


The unbeaten run showed how we can play and that on a consistent basis. It's quite startling how we've gone from a team that draws most of our games to a team that doesn't draw any. I put that down to the rough patch around December making us very erratic and unstable.

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Mentally fragile with no real leaders on the pitch (Lockwood apart).


It happens to the best as perfectly illustrated by Gareth Bales performance for Real Madrid yesterday.


Too many players go missing when the pressure is on. We need a radical rethink on the playing philosophy.

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Two names will feature in any history of this season; Ched Evans and Lee Johnson. Underlying both names is the inability of the Board to act decisively. If Ched was going to be signed it should all have been done and dusted and then announced - the bungling and subsequent comments have made it the worst episode in our recent history. Lee Johnson must take credit for the performances up to the end of November, he is revealed as a two faced ruthless self but he is and will be a very good manager. When it was clear LJ was going the search for a replacement should have started. We needed him in place so we could look forward to the Barnsley and MK Dons games rather than contemplating defeat.


The Board and SC have probably been thinking about the new stand and possibly relaxed as the points were won rather than thinking we could be 6th although SC did support LJ to a degree we have not seen before in January (possibly trying to keep him).


So I think the bungled attempt to sign Ched, a manager who had decided OAFC was no longer his career path and took his eyes off our team and the feeling that we are safe in league one has resulted in a lack of desire. Put another way they were not playing for the shirt nor are they now playing for their livelihood as that will be decided by ????????

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