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Millwall Fans' Pitch Invasion Is OK

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A quote from tonight Rarely Wrong:


MILLWALL forward Aiden O'Brien defended the club's fans who were criticised for running on to the pitch to celebrate their Sky Bet League One play-off final win against Bradford.

O'Brien appeared overwhelmed by Millwall's victory after striker Steve Morison had struck the only goal with five minutes remaining.

Lions fans poured on to the Wembley turf at the final whistle, with some goading Bradford boss Stuart McCall and his players, while match-winner Morison said they had "ruined" the moment in his post-match television interview.

But O'Brien, who progressed through the London club's academy, refused to join in the condemnation.

"No, they have the right to do that you know," he said.

"They've been supporting us all through the season. They should celebrate as much as we celebrate.

"It's a team thing and they're part of the team. They can run on the pitch in my eyes for all they want, they deserve to."


If that doesn't encourage more incidents, I don't know what will. Yeah, get in amongst it fellas and you'll then have the right to abuse who you like. At least that's how some of the muppets will interpret it. Crazy comment from a player in my eyes. I wonder what Anthony Gerrard thinks of it?

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I liked it aswell. 


Apart from the having a pop at Bradford players bit. 


Promotion should be forfeited from hereon in for any club whose fans don't give enough of a fuck about it to invade the pitch. 

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Just now, HarryBosch said:


Apart from the having a pop at Bradford players bit. 

Unfortunately, that's what tends to happen when Millwall fans invade pitches. They may not be alone in that, but they're particularly well known for it.


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O'Brein is wrong, Neil Harris wasn't happy and told a lot of those fans where to go. To legitimise a pitch invasion sends the wrong message, if you invade the pitch for winning a game then some other chavs will invade it for losing, perhaps a dodgy last-minute penalty, which could lead to a mass brawl. It's one thing for fans to OK it, but not a professional footballer and certainly not one at a club with the deserved reputation Millwall fans have.


I believe that there has been a number of arrests and I hope they identify the chavs who were abusing the Bradford players and staff, hit them with a life-long banning order and a huge fine. I have been watching football for a long time and have no desire to return to the seventies scenes of mass brawls on the pitch, which all began when numpties put it down to high spirits. Stamp it now before it goes any further.

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2 hours ago, youngen said:

What about our chairman making OAFCs moment of the season the one where the fans invaded, and giving a special mention to said fans?!


54 minutes ago, simplythemostimportantkick said:

He gave it to Clarkes goal ! And we were fucking brilliant, non stop singing for the whole of second half. 


And they didn't 'invade' merely 'encroached' upon the field of play...

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