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Broadband ISPs


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Guest oa_exile
Thanks, Matt. Looks good - will read through it properly later.


With Tiscali at the moment but when I move they insist I have to be offline for five days so they can sod off - I'll go with someone else.


I am in the process of changing over from Tiscali to TalkTalk , takes three weeks.

TalkTalk do everything on the change over , no down time.


At the mo i have my Land line with BT , Calls with TalkTalk and Broadband with Tiscali.

I will change everything over to talkTalk for £16.49 a month inc free calls between 6pm and 6am and free weekends and free international calls (evenings) and calls are free at any time to other TalkTalk users.



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I use Madasafish (formerly FreeNetName) and they've been consistently good over the last three years - can't think of any downtime more than a couple of hours, and none at all in the last year or two. They do well in reviews for heavy consumer users.

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Was with Pipex but they've (1) gone down hill in the last year or so, and (2) just been bought by Tiscali anyway.


Aren't PlusNet now owned by one of the bigger fish now too?

God only knows, probably - Madasafish have been sold off as well - I hear Virgin Broadband will be sold also soon...

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