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so who do you want in next round

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What's the appeal of an 'easy' draw? We're not going to win the FA Cup - may as well get the big guns in straight off.


No, but with a stroke luck and a few easy/medium difficulty draws and a giant killing in the semi final we might get ourselves to the final and book our place in the UEFA Cup!

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5 wins from Europe.


As shown today Havent beating Notts County, on your day anyone can beat anyone, if we get a :censored: team in the 3rd round and a championship side at home in the 4th, you just never know.


Not arsed about the draw that much, take anyone to be fair. Its a cup adventure.

draw is tomorrow at 3.00. DERBY away. we won there in the cup under dowie. could do it again as we are better away.

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I'd like to go as far as possible so an away against non-league (+ telly money) would be good next round draw.


We've won £40,000 in the last week lets win some more and get some telly money then go for the big Prem away game.


FA win bonus:



Shouldn't that be £66,000........it says you get money for highlights as well, weren't our games on MOTD

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i can see us getting :


Coventry away. dowie and Hughesy connections or WBA



The amount of extra security that coventry game would require would wipe out any profits! don't like the sound of that tie at all. I like the Newcastle one at theirs.

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I want Manure at Boundary Park... They go a goal up but in the last minute of injury time Hughes scores then Davies knocks in a winner... Scholes is spotted punching the air and Alex is p****d off but Scholes tells him to sod off and signs for Latics on the spot while back in Oldham council they realise the error of their ways and give the redevelopment of BP the thumbs up while Bashforth moves to Tranmere...


I don't mind who we get in the round after that...

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