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  1. I think an experienced number 2 would help, couldn't make tonight, sounded second best.
  2. Well, maybe the trust can have a meeting with a panel of posters from this site. I'm happy to try and bridge but I am sure there are better people suited than me. In essence we are all here for the good of the club, totally get that some posters are/ can be negative but their views are just as essential. I don't think it's a matter of the trust trying to confuse anyone but the clubs running matters are fluid and it must be difficult to keep up with the pace.
  3. Cheers Dave, I had a look at the team, I think he was mentioned somewhere in the programme, I remember seeing / reading about him.
  4. I really thought he played at Wembley against us in the FA Cup semi final???
  5. It’s really quite simple... 1. What is their value of the land ?. 2. What interest have they had from buyers?. 3. Have we ( the fans) got a pot to piss in?.
  6. When we go up do we salute AL for his astute management of the club??🤷‍♂️
  7. Can I ask what George has actually done, rubbing paint on a wall is something I’d expect from my 7 year old god son?.
  8. But I want to go up at Wembley by thrashing Bury 4.0.!!!!!
  9. I'm with this, watched the clip a few times, plus the North Stand wasn't that much up in arms about it, just an unfortunate clash, thankful both players are ok.
  10. Ticky pip Brizzie, were did you sit tonight?
  11. I thought Nepo was or close to being mom tonight, he's quick but more importantly his quick feet gets him out of danger. Good performance tonight, seen some cynical teams in my 40 plus years of watching Oldham but they were up there.
  12. Yeah, remember them too, fans were just as bad.
  13. Everyone seems a bit happier tonight, who told me that I needed to sit in a dark room when I dared mention the playoffs.. Good performance tonight, against a cynical and dirty team, reminded me of the Leeds/Bradford teams in the late 80's.
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