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  1. It’s going to be a farce when Wheater comes back and starts to organise the team and Lemmy still keeps Mouche as captain.
  2. Only for a day, I’m not taking club formed in 1895 to be in trouble.
  3. Ok lads, this is what I’m planning.. I’m sleeping rough outside ground to make a polite noise.
  4. We can’t watch us die a painful death, I’m up for it....
  5. Looks like I have traction, perfect, I’m going to a meeting within 10 days ...
  6. It’s an Inital meeting, nothing more than that. I just want us in the same room rather sniping on here.
  7. Ok, by numbers i can book the Grapes in Lees. It’s the back room. It’s perfect, we need to very professional.
  8. Let’s do this for Dave Stringer and everyone connected with the club..
  9. Come on lads, lasses, it’s our great grand parents , parents club, friends who have passed away. We can make a noise.
  10. We can put this agenda together, all we need is a few of us to go forward.
  11. I’m on with a location that can hold a meeting. It might be only a few of us but it’s a start...
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