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  1. MD, CEO or whatever title.. it’s a poisoned chalice to run this circus and deliver success off the field. It’s not rocket science why less than 700 STs have been sold this coming season when the club expects 4x that based on the diehard fanbase. 1. Money is tight for the fanbase due to lockdown, furloughing etc. 2. Watching via a stream and not in person isn’t appealing. The whole matchday experience has gone and it could be months until that returns..if it ever does 3. Relegation hit us hard and anticipated bounce back didn’t happen - in fact we struggled fu
  2. Looks similar to Matt Smith. Few videos of him online. Fancy footwork, a headed goal and a storming strike from about 25 yards out. 6’2” so definitely something different to what we have
  3. One swallow doesn’t make a summer but promising. Yes we looked threadbare and sluggish at times but it’s first competitive game. More positives than negatives though - Lawlor - didn’t have to do too much so untested still for me. Very vocal and a good kick on him. Hamer - played better than previous preseason games but still 1 of 2 weak links for me. I’d prefer Jombati at RB and cash in on Hamer Piergianni - no-nonsense centre half and did what was needed with no fuss. Not very vocal. Best of what we have and would prefer Wheater next to him. If Wheater
  4. Either he’s off or was boycotting the photo shoot - last seasons photo
  5. He’s the Director of Football so it’s inevitable. However I doubt he scouted most of new signings so either relying on agencies to do his work or Kewell is having a say too. I don’t care as long as this new crop come good and we continue to strengthen. Last three have been squad players (Garrity sowed some promise) so we still need at least 5 first team players. If Wheater is off hopefully that’ll free up some budget.... I know, I know
  6. I haven’t been a ST holder for many seasons due to location and circumstances but was averaging 15+ home games each season, typically paying full price for 2 to 4 tickets per game. Last season attended 0 home games and won’t be this season. Totally disillusioned with current ownership. Clearly I’m not alone but if my spend in the club has gone from over £1000+ a season (tickets, food & merchandise) to £0 then I’m certain that’s been repeated by hundreds of other fans. Go to away games only now. I won’t put any money into current owners pockets until I see a vast imp
  7. Doubling attendance is a near impossible task. I doubt we would exceed 3500/4000 on a regular basis unless we’re back in League One and then only if we’re battling in Top 10. Owner has damaged the loyalty of the fanbase too much. It will take time to repair and only if there are clear signs of success on pitch and leaving Kewell to recruit and select. The early indication of signing promising domestic players / players with a decent track record in our leagues could mean the owner has listened and addressing previous mistakes. Time will tell....
  8. Must be only me but I saw a lot of positives in the game yesterday. Especially when this team has been cobbled together recently and their only gel time is training and a couple of friendlies. No core to the team from previous seasons. Lawlor - didn’t really do much but looks more confident that what we had previously aside from Iversen. Defence let him down for their goal Hamer - weak link at RB and just don’t see why some clubs interested in him. I’d sell if I could to use to strengthen Jombati - better at RB but gives us flexibility in centre. Love
  9. “Was a highly rated midfielder whilst at Man Utd. Energetic and very creative. Always demanding the ball, high tempo and short range passes linked up their attack and created a lot for the likes of Rashford. His build is deceptive as he’s not afraid to track back and stick his foot in either. Played mostly in middle but also out wide” Review of Whelan from a mate who watched a lot of youth football at Man Utd. He expected Whelan to go to a Championship team / League One club after Watford released him. Sounds like a very good signing for us. Surprised on
  10. Suggestion by DMaarms on Twitter that 2 being signed before weekend. I reckon those will be the midfield pairing we’ve been playing in friendlies - Saul Milanovic & Callum Whelan. Still need at least another 2 midfielders, a striker (Mampala rumoured from Everton U23), a winger and full backs? That’s 6 to account for injuries but I suspect we’d rely on youth if that happens. Also depends on formation as looks like Kewell playing front 3?
  11. 100% agree. My company has gradually been bringing people back from furlough with sales-led employees first. That way they’re safeguarding future of company to enable us to pay the remainder of staff and keep redundancies to an absolute minimum. That said, the club has a captive audience but totally disconnected to the fanbase these days. Doesn’t surprise just how poor the club is run in this area - 1. Regular social media (at least daily) pushing a positive message - new signings, free to view manager interviews, free to view interviews by owner and MD 2. New si
  12. Decent signing by sounds of it. My Wycombe supporting mate was amazed that he was let go. Versatile across the back four, cracking free kick taker and got stuck in.
  13. This is why they won’t get another £ from me until they’re gone. I would say “or they change” but that will never happen. Regardless of what you think of Dino, he was building bridges with fans and looking to sign domestic players. Lemsagam obviously saw this as destructive so sacked him. Hence why no explanation from club statement. Ive never witnessed such contempt from our club towards fans nor how disconnected or hated. Except the handful of sycophants now infesting the Trust or blowing (or sucking) Lemsagam’s trumpet on Facebook, I would say 99% of fans want the F
  14. That’s what I was alluding to in my post. Yet again Lemsagam answers his criticism of nepotism under the previous owner with yet another example of nepotism. Now, our new manager was a player who Lemsagam brokered a lucrative deal for him and also his mates. He’s come from the same stable and kept in regular contact with Lemsagam even before the Moroccan bought our club - presumably he would be, therefore, not averse to other players from that stable arriving? No doubt we’ll be paying agent fees etc? Our club is already a soap opera but it’s fast looking like that wh
  15. This has got Scholes written all over this. Kewell was sacked from Notts County on performance but rumour was he wouldn’t take shit from players and was dogmatic on what he wanted ie selection, tactics etc. Discord to between him and the club hierarchy. Any player not putting in a shift was kicked out team irrespective of who they were. If we keep Maouche and Branger can you imagine the Fuckwit Brothers allowing their prize assets sitting on bench? However he’s used to managing under a Director of Football at both County and Crawley. However under both he
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