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  1. If we manage to get into the playoffs, it’ll be an unexpected (and arguably undeserved) bonus. I’d already written this season off when we didn’t strengthen defence and midfield in the January window. Uncertain if funds were there or the Scholes saga limited our options on acquiring any more incoming players. Summer is the key; will Scholes have total free reign and the budget to strengthen and play his brand of football? We’ll soon see late June when our released list is published and the transfer rumours start. We need to stick with Scholes and judge him with his team, his players and at least a month coaching the players. We’re currently expecting him to polish a turd. Edit - I don’t get this “Scholes doesn’t show any emotion on the touchline” as a measure of his ability. I very much doubt Scholes will be someone who’ll be running up and down the touch line, kicking every ball. I’d rather have someone keeping their emotion in check and trey his judgement. He’s seen more world class coaching first-hand than we’d ever experience - he needs the run of his contract and freedom to do his own thing. Will that happen?
  2. Noted if it was kickstarted by the fan-led consortium. However, I was led to believe that the fan-led consortium are involved as a result of another bid by parties unknown
  3. Well if nobody can develop the land where the stadium sits until after 2031 then this remains a massive financial millstone around Blitz’s neck. No wonder he’s reappeared and keen to sell it onto some other schmuck. The rent paid by the club annually is probably less than any interest gained if that £6m sat in a high-interest account. I return to my original question; Outside of a fan or the Trust, why would any sane person spend £6m to purchase the land when there’s no realistic investment return for 12 years? A bid, whoever it’s from, I can only see as a good move. We’ve got 12 years to produce a contingency plan to buy it back or relocate the stadium or would be sufficiently compensated if that changes any sooner?!
  4. I just don’t understand why someone would pay £6m for the land and North Stand unless they were connected to the club and safeguarding our future. Am I right in thinking that the land cannot be developed for anything other than the football club without our authority until 2031? If so, why buy to develop because you’d need to relocate the club or compensate us to relocate. Even if that happened, I doubt there’s £6m available even after profiting from housing plus funding that relocation. Even a Tesco building an Extra there couldn’t afford to pay us off the move. This means someone is buying to then hopefully sell back to the club, at a profit, when we can afford it. Unless AL finds the cash personally or finds someone willing to waste over £6m, we cannot afford to buy it back until we’ve reached the Premier League. There is one other scenario; AL/owner, sick of the condition of the three stands, decides to relocate the club. This therefore allows the land owner to develop without having to compensate the club.
  5. Perhaps Scholes isn’t happy with 10% of one club so wants 100% of another?!
  6. I’m bloody confused after reading this post and the Trust statement. Correct me if I’m wrong - 1. Someone has bid £6m for the land that BP sits upon and surrounds BP 2. AVC means Blitz has to allow the Trust to purchase instead for £6m 3. Fan-led consortium, including the Trust, now in talks to purchase the land I know that the Trust is limited in what they can discuss but can they clarify the following - 1. Is the £6m for the land and North Stand (meaning AL owns the remaining the remaining three stands but on a leasehold basis)? 2. If the fan-led consortium cannot match the £6m bid tabled then is the club still safe and we simply get new landlords until 2031? I can understand Blitz why wants to severe links and get his cash back but why would someone want to pay £6m for the land if they cannot develop and recoup that money until after 2031?
  7. Hi Tracy. Was this away from BP or do you know if Blitz attended the Scholes press conference today? Great stuff - can’t wait to read the answers. Did you ask the Q if he’s returning as an investor to the club?
  8. For those debating Scholes being a good or bad thing, the amount of media attention we’ve received today definitely places it as a great appointment for this club. Adrian Durham aside, the number of players, managers, media outlets and clubs wishing him all the best is testament to just how popular the lad is. When Solksjaer gets the United job permanently and having Butt as Head of Youth , there it wouldn’t surprise me that we’ll be towards the front of the queue in signing youth players from United on loan next season. Imagine what the likes of Tahith Chong, Callum Gribbin and Mason Greenwood could do for our midfield and strike force. It’s not just United, I’m certain other Prem clubs would welcome Scholes and Priest coaching their talent and playing for us. Still think we could sneak a play-off berth this season though .....
  9. Dearnley was excellent yesterday but imperative if he repeats it through the next six or seven games. Yesterday was also obvious that Nepomuceno needs to play LW rather than LB. If Scholes has free reign over selection - and is allowed access to every player - then anything’s possible. I personally think we have one of the strongest squads in this league and our current position doesn’t reflect our potential. I suspect Scholes feels the same. Whilst we see success more long-term with next season more likely a promotion challenge, Scholes will want to achieve it this season. We have enough games left, have the potential and Scholes coming in could prove the catalyst.
  10. Yeah. That’s the game I was in directors box and boardroom beforehand.
  11. ....and the same hasn’t happened under Corney? Difference is I knew Moore had the money, I don’t with Lemsagam nor did I with Corney. Moore did bankroll the club at the tune of over £5m during his tenure and we were able to sell off players he bought to cover some debts and entice Chaytow at the time because that loan was written off. I agree that Moore, Corney, Lemsagam were/are staking the club beyond our means. I don’t want to sully the appointment of Scholes because this could well be the catalyst if Lemsagam leaves him to recruit and select. However how are we affording him if the rumours are correct that it’s £300k salary?!
  12. Thats what happened. He pumped money in with big plans, couldn’t afford the £50k a week extra because his wealth plummeted. Between Spring and Summer 2003, his wealth dropped by 66% as share value of Torex dropped off a cliff. He personally wrote off over £4.5m in loans to the club and sold it to Jarvis and Joy for £1. However he left the club debt-ridden and we had the fire-sale of players. I’m not supporting Moore - the exact opposite - but the same has happened with Blitz / Corney. Lemsagam apparently had to pay c£4m to pay off a lot of the debts and is now, apparently, funding a similar £200k shortfall each month. Major difference is that we don’t have major assets in players values as did in 2003. My post is more a point that these ****ers come and go. Wearing a Torex shirt is misplaced but I guess the wearer didn’t have a clue the significance - probably knows **** all about our club. Torex went bump, Moore went to jail and were “surviving” 16 years on and on the advent of appointing one of the most famous English players in Premier history as our manager
  13. I was in the directors box that day and it seemed too cosy in the boardroom just before the match
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