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  1. Spot on. Commitment early on in pre-season; secure Clarke & Maouche on contracts and get Lang back for a second season. Surridge back too would be great. Engage with the Trust so we get some guarantees that off-field is improving. Extend the ST discount for a further month or so and really engage with the fans in respect of weekly updates. Despite the position being irrecoverable a few weeks ago, Lemsagam now has an opportunity to change fans opinion off the back of a promising end to this season
  2. You can’t help but like the guy. He always sounds so self-effacing as opposed to a lot of other managers who would be blowing their trumpet in light of the impact he’s now had twice this season. You get managers with their sound bites that they love the club or have a lot of respect for the club but Wildy is a fan and living the dream of managing the club that he’s supported all his life. He’s one of the fans and knows just how important success on the pitch is needed with all the uncertainty off the pitch. I just hope the Clown realises his fortune having Wildy at the helm and the incumbents affinity with the fans and club. It can deflect some of the heat from him especially if we win the next three games and then leads us to Wembley. Win or lose, a play-off run and cup game at Fulham would be many a manager’s dream at this level - Wildy’s achieved this by drifting in and out the role during the season. Come May, he needs a one-year contract at least with guarantees that if it doesn’t work out that he’s got a job back in his old coaching role regardless. He also needs full support next season with recruitment. We have some promising players in the team and if we can retain those and strengthen then we can turn around this season on and off the field.....
  3. I sat on the tube on way home thinking that we’d automatically go up next season...especially when Chris Moore was telling everyone in the pub beforehand that he’s going nowhere and ready to pump more in and push us on
  4. Great night that. Only one entrance was open before the game until they realised how many of us was queuing. Carlos header then the tube shut. Two of us also walked miles as we didn’t have a clue where next tube was. Just walked towards the city centre until we flagged down a taxi. QPR away (play-off semi) was a great atmosphere despite result.
  5. September 2002 and Wjnhard filling his boots... how far our club has fallen. Granted it was under Moore era and before we went into administration but we’ve had success against them since - notably in the FA Cup replay under Johnson. We’re at our lowest.... I’m an atheist but even I’m now praying that something positive happens in the summer. Hopefully the peace talks with the Trust triggers the Clown to spout “Fuck me, you’re right. Life savings exhausted but I have a family member/mate/anybody who’s got a fair few million.”
  6. How many ST holders over 16 are they? 2000? Just over 10% of that number in the Trust is very concerning and hopefully doesn’t reflect an ignorance of our fan base towards the current ownership and risk to our future. Appreciate most just want to watch matches regardless of who’s in charge and who’s fielded but 10%?!
  7. Do you reckon they’ll allow me to join the FB group? F**k me, I didn’t think my post would cause so much grief but I’m glad it’s rattled their cage. I cannot believe this bloke has the audacity to allege the Trust is crooked over my harmless comments.... it was my own personal view to prompt a reaction that is not only needed but long overdue. Just to clarify; I’m not a representative of the Trust but a very frustrated fan who is even more disgusted over the Clown’s contempt of not only our fans but the Trust who represents the fans. I pay to attend matches and poured tens of thousands into the club over the years so I trust (excuse the pun) that allows me a say and to vent my frustration.... my OWN opinion and NOT that of The Trust! It’s taken days after a very lenient deadline set by the Trust to receive his reply and this latest reply from the Clown demonstrates even more contempt to us fans. No detail around “his plans”, no clear commitment on his part, no addressing of our immediate concerns or answering to our questions but an even more worrying suggestion that the budget will be slashed even further next season. The Clown is taking the club even further backwards and expected us fans to blindly buy STs in return for uncertainty, absence of ambition, meddling (Scholes has placed on record that The Clown dictated recruitment & selection - you going to sue him Lemsagam, eh?) and no evidence of what debts he inherited, what’s he paid out and what is future plans exactly are. I’ll quiet down now and leave the Trust to decide next steps following the club’s “response”
  8. Do you think it’ll get that far? Perhaps we’ll know more once the buyers of the stadium and land are identified but if they’re fans then a deal could be brokered if they’re one of the main creditors? Buy the club back and hopefully greater transparency to fund a team within our means. Remain in League 2 and work tirelessly for investment, sponsorship, benevolence When The Clown is forced to disclose his accounts, hopefully we have one or two fans who have the accountancy knowledge to analyse the books and clarify exactly what debt there is. I personally think he’s bullshitting us over the debts and it’s more a case of his inability to fund any of the running costs no matter how small.
  9. Smoke the Clown out..... 1. Fan-led consortium buys the ground and hikes up the rent 2. Boycott all home games and not buy season tickets 3. No income from point 2 will expose whether the Clown can fund the club on his own, which at the moment is highly unlikely 4. Players strike if not paid and creditors force club into administration - of which the (new) stadium owners will be a major creditor 5. Force the Clown to sell at a loss or to hand over to the major creditor We still do not know what the debts were when he acquired the club and what they are now. Deferring the release of company accounts has set the alarm bell ringing. Debts may not be great but if this Clown is potless then it could be minimal. Yes theres no guarantees of someone else coming forward but if the fan-led consortium owns the ground then funding a team after administration regardless of the league is viable.
  10. Agree to disagree on Scholes. Granted a great player may not make a great manager and he knew what he was signing up to. Scholes was more than just a manager and I see it as a massive opportunity lost especially in the summer and access to decent players. Lemsagam fucked it up. This is why he’s avoiding that Trust letter. He cannot defend the indefensible. Sooner he goes the better - I see no future with him involved no matter what his next response is. Only way he can redeem is to give guarantees assurances to the questions in that letter and be a silent owner for the future and stick to it. I don’t want to hear his name or read his name unless it’s on the bottom of cheques, which don’t bounce.
  11. ...and it will be through the media so he can have his say. This Clown has no interest whatsoever in the fans. If he had, he would have been in regular contact with the fans even before the meeting or suggestion of a letter. If if he’s in country and I’m residence at the stadium then turn up and demand a meeting. He said his door is always open. If he refuses at that point then his contempt is irrefutable....even though it’s clearly evident and has been since he arrived here.
  12. Scholes put the teamsheet in and who was selected on matchday I think was Scholes final decision. The point though is the constant interference by Lemsagam outside of that 90 minutes on the pitch. Trying to demand the captain be dropped - the one player who runs through walls for us and is the leader on the pitch amongst all the divisions - was the final nail I would suggest.
  13. Frankly I’m beyond caring who takes over. Even if the very worst happened and he walked, we entered administration and had points docked resulting in relegation then we start afresh. Success non-league isn’t guaranteed but the toxicity is removed. If the stadium is acquired by a fan-led consortium then a new club owner has the assurances that they won’t be fleeced on rent etc if that owner demonstrates from the very start that they share the same intentions. Ironically I could see Scholes involved if this was to happen. Calibre of players lower but we start again. They say the grass is never greener but I’d rather have Corney at the helm. Yes he too didn’t engage with the Trust but at least there wasn’t negativity around team interference, player unrest, destabilisation. I’m still to see what debts he passed onto Lemsagam. Where’s the proof? They could have been minimal and we’ve been hoodwinked the second this Clown stepped foot into Boundary Park.
  14. Scholes didn’t come over as bitter but just dejected and disappointed over Lemsagam’s interference especially with Clarke. He even admitted he probably wasn’t good enough in light of Wild securing 10 from 12 points since. McManaman tried to stoke the fire playing the ex-player solidarity card that always sickens me amongst this footballing “elite” but Scholes didn’t bite. What worries me even more is Lemsagam’s interference to the point of insisting our club captain is dropped because he had the audacity of questioning Missilou’s performance. This smacks of a divide where “his” players are untouchable and echos suggestions that he demands these players are selected regardless of form. Its now April 14th - two days after the Trust’s deadline - and no news from Lemsagam. Any owner wanting to build bridges would have done everything to unite the fans and shouldn’t have needed a demanding letter to prompt him. To completely ignore the letter proves the contempt he has for the fans regardless of what he’s spouted. Results on the pitch are short-term - this cancer at the helm needs removing ASAP.
  15. He’s Abdallah but we call him Abdullah so if he’s now Marco do we call him Murco... sounds more apt... dark (dealings not skin by the way), dirty, unclear The more we hear about this Clown, the more I question how the fuck did the EFL sanction the sale of our club to him.
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