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  1. This. He actually went on record slagging off the previous owner of total incompetence, dodgy practices etc. When it was the questioned that he was actually sitting on the board at the time, he claimed total ignorance. This is total fuckwittery of the highest order. I can’t be arsed to pull that recording on BBC Manchester but did he not state to Mike on that radio show that he knew it was happening but didn’t feel right to challenge Corney? Something along the lines of...sometimes you question things in your head but keep to yourself. Why? It does imply that he turned a blind eye whilst still getting the trappings of a director ie seat in directors box, free food in boardroom, free tickets home/away & free travel to away games. I’m uncertain if he got all this free though but that’s the impression I get. I did witness him first hand once when I as invited to the boardroom and directors box for the Yeovil home game under Lee Johnson. He waltzed in like he was the owner and was just as opinionated and brash like he comes over on interviews. He challenged me as to what I was doing there but fortunately Neil Joy (who I personally thought was excellent in his role, extremely courtesy and warmly welcomed me and my daughter) jumped in. Extremely odious individual who shows only contempt to fans.
  2. Yes I would. Guardiola would struggle with the squad at his disposal and no sign of strengthening. Even more so being hamstrung by Pennywise. Problem isn’t the manager. Yet another sign of total contempt for our fanbase. Supposed to be building bridges but this Clown is killing it off by the day. The lack of any conference to welcome this new bloke speaks volumes. Why announce it now if he’s joining July? The Clown doesn’t give a fuck about a few comments meaning about the lack of an appointment. This smacks of ticking a box - a patsy with control firmly sat elsewhere.
  3. I always have that faint glimmer of hope that there’s always 2-3 teams much worse than us. That said, I always thought that in L1 and look what happened. I’m not even convinced that we’re “too good” anymore to avoid non-league football but this season I fear that we’ll be looking down in increasing panic over the season than looking up. There’s two months effectively to strengthen but we’re potless and, as per my other post, we’ll be gambling with unknowns from overseas rather than reliable domestic players. I seriously see Lemsagam’s 3 year plan going backwards. 12/1 to be relegated is tempting but I’ve promised myself never to bet against my team. Bottom half obscurity by March seems more likely.
  4. Saw the announcement yesterday and normally I’d be rushing on here to post comment. I guess it reflects just how much I’m disillusioned and disinterested in our club at the moment. To be honest, if we announced Guardiola yesterday I’d still be shrugging my shoulders. Key here is recruitment rather than whoever’s coaching. Granted tactics are crucial but if we’re going to trot out O’Grady up front then - no disrespect to Chris - we’re fucked even before we kick a ball in anger. I’m anticipating an influx of more foreign unknowns now and with an open mind, they could all come good but FFS we’re in L2 and need players who know this league because our new head coach certainly doesn’t. Again its an own goal for Lemsagam - an opportunity to engage with the dwindling fanbase and excite prospective ST purchasers goes missing. I wasn’t expecting Danny Cowley but there’s hundreds of domestic managers/coaches out there but our club is now too toxic for 95% of them. Even an OAFC diehard in PW walked away from his dream job because of this cancer in charge. I took more interest in a fans post that languishing in L1 with David Eyres in the autumn of his career is like Champions League football to where we are now. That’s how far we’ve fallen. Very sad times and whilst I’m expecting the worst this coming season, my heart is hoping that the unknown factor shocks L2 and we’re back in L1 come May 2020 with a crop of promising acquisitions from across the channel.
  5. It doesn’t have to be if every L1 and L2 club had to file their accounts by June 1st each year and then penalised with a points deduction at the start of the next season if wages/operating costs exceeded 100% of matchday, broadcast, commercial income and player sales. That way no club can stretch itself and I’d go as far as commercial income has to be totally transparent so you can’t have some billionaire acquire a club and pump millions into the club creating an unfair advantage. If commercial income is linked to the owner then It can only represent a % of total income. It does mean larger clubs in league have more income than smaller clubs but it will refocus clubs on growing their fanbase, becoming more innovative commercially and investing into youth/development to increase players sale income.
  6. Listened to both the Owen & Lemsagam interviews. I still don’t know what Owen adds to the club. He’s quick to distance himself from Corney though, isn’t he? Stated that he wasn’t happy with how Corney did things and admittedly didn't question them. How the fuck can he sit on this current board having admitted that?! Also the knives are out for this FLG, their intentions on buying the ground and how close the Trust is to this FLG. Lemsagam states club is 95% debt free but there’s suggestions rent to Blitz remains unpaid. Is this the 5% or, as Owen implied, Corney got away with not paying rent but Lemsagam was made to pay rent ... and possibly refusing to pay because of this? Frustrating thing is that we’re no nearer the truth because it’s sitting behind legal NDAs as if Lemsagam is suing Corney possibly Blitz for undisclosed debts that Lemsagam is claiming he’s had to pay out. If this is indeed true and the Trust have seen sight of this at their meeting then why can’t they, Lemsagam and this FLG get together for the sake of our clubs future? I’m just sick of it all now and just want to see progress on the pitch ahead of next season. I don’t know who to trust (excuse the pun) now and I strongly believe this is the same for the other 1000-2000 fans yet to renew. If Lemsagam does have funds then get that head coach in, sign some quality and demonstrate irrefutably his commitment for promotion. The fans will renew then hopefully if he is indeed the fall guy, he can legally get compensation.
  7. Starting question - ”who’s your favourite spice girl?”
  8. But that core support has reduced over the years so the rot has to stop (remember that campaign?) and turn the tide of fans leaving. Only way to do that is success on the pitch starting with a major shot in the arm. Hopefully the Edmundson sale gives Lemsagam the opportunity to convince the stayaways to come back.
  9. Mike; I hope you asked BO what he is adding to the club in his role? Genuine question as I haven’t a clue. This bloke was part of the last regime that Lemsagam is criticising (and apparently going legal against) so what is he bringing to the table? Bloke is toxic - the only thing I recall his involvement on is the Ched Evan debacle and prior to that Lee Hughes?
  10. How many STs sold last season? I think we did then we were royally mugged off before the events towards end of season into close season have added to the misery. Besides; were punters. It’s down to the owner to produce a team that grabs the fans interest to buy STs, not the other way around. Doesn’t happen anywhere else in commerce when the existence of a company is wholly reliant in blind loyalty of the punter.
  11. Should nail that to the Clown’s office door ... or his fucking forehead Forget statements with no substance and promised talks with the Trust. Talk is cheap. For the love of our loyal fan base - and your potential ST audience - show your commitment with some decent signings in the next fortnight. Prove me wrong and get Lang signed up for next season and perhaps Surridge. Decent GK & a flair midfielder. Release a video statement “there you go, I’ve stepped up to the challenge .... now it’s the fans turn”. Get a decent catch in who can motivate and deliver your “fast paced and technically good football” promise that’s prolific up top and watertight at the back. That’s the only way you’ll secure anywhere near 3k STs again
  12. Granted extremely unlikely. However we’re talking individuals with unimaginable wealth who love football, love taking a risk for success and, even more so, love attention. The sums needed to get us into the Championship would be less than what’s fallen down the back of their chaise lounge. The PR from acquiring OAFC and taking us to the Prem would be more significant than buying Newcastle. Would secure you a better financial return too I reckon. Lemsagam could never deliver this - well never on his own - so this should be our focus alongside buying the stadium and land. Secure him a buyer so we’re not just a sustainable L2 club in 5 years but we’re back battling in the Championship. I know they’re not queuing at the door but package us, our history, our achievement in the 90s and network. If pushed I’m certain Lemsagam would love to offload us and get some or most of his savings back.
  13. Sounds familiar. I was just reading about this £350m purchase of Newcastle by billionaire Sheikh Khaled who happens to be cousin of Sheikh Mansour at City. It got me thinking; what if the Sheikh bought OAFC or another L1 or L2 club instead? Allowing a 10 year plan (or sooner), what is the probability of securing Premier League football if that same £350m was set aside for the project. Take our club. I would estimate a £50m budget could secure the club, land, develop the stadium and realistically strengthen the team to guarantee promotion to L1 and Championship within 5 years. That gives 5 years & £300m to secure promotion to Premier League and allowance to extend the stadium further to house increased attendances. I know acquiring Newcastle gives you instant Premier League football but would that £350m appreciate in value without significant investment to break into that Top 6? Granted you’ve bought SJP but the value of the stadium and land reflects the purchase price hence BP being about 2-3% of the £350m, which gives you mass wealth to strengthen the team. You’ve also got their 38,000 STs sold annually and I know it’ll be near impossible to achieve 50% of this even with Prem football but I’m confident you could hook thousands through attractive ST pricing and effective marketing during the journey. Its probably rise-tinted glasses and me being an OAFC fan but achieving success between 5 and 10 years up the pyramid appeals much more than lower table Premier League existence. Is it unfeasible to attract a Sheikh to take the risk? It doesn’t guarantee Premier League football but I think it’s much easier getting into the Prem with £350m to build than getting into that Top 6 of the Prem after spending £350m just to get Prem membership.
  14. Obviously support Oldham & have done so for over 30 years now even though I had no connection to the club nor the town. Mixture of a bet, which resulted in me following Oldham’s matches, and seeing them as the away team when attending matches with by older siblings etc. I love watching football regardless of who’s playing but I do kind of follow the scores of - Derby - lived there for 4 years and attended most of their home games Villa - most of my in-laws support so only follow to wind them up when they lose. Needless to say I want Derby to win Huddersfield - work a lot there and our office was right near the stadium so cannot avoid taking about this club Tamworth - my hometown club albeit non-league. Like Oldham, they flirted with success and was close to league football but been relegated a number of times since
  15. I see that Sheff United offloading Ched Evans. With BO now on the board, can we see his pal coming back?
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