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  1. Here’s hoping. The net’s tightening around this charlatan and it can’t come quickly enough. 1. OEC/FLG call in their debts of unpaid rent 2. ST holders in north stand demand ST money back as hospitality not available 3. The Clown reported for non-disclosure of company accounts to a shareholder 4. Pensions regulator assess the Clown operating illegally on pensions #smokehimout
  2. When interviewed post-match Saturday, Banide apparently said 2 or 3 will be coming in. The Sun linked that to when Banide was questioned that we lacked firepower but he could mean another three kids knowing our club. Lang would be brilliant but I think that ship has sailed and he’ll go to League One. Same with Surridge. Shame as both know most of our midfield and would slot straight back in. I guess a gamble on an unknown. Midfield is the area. We’ve no spark, no invention or a wow player to create chances.
  3. It can easily return but unfortunately not with the current regime. I don’t mean going all retro but enhancing the community element. Allocate a section of the ground to schools and give tickets away for kids to attend and reduced admission for adults in the section too. Extend out into all communities within the borough embracing all colours and creeds to make Oldham an inclusive, community club. Reduce shirt prices and sponsor local kids teams so the kids are supporting Oldham above any other club. However, we need to play good old attacking, wing-based, attractive football. The sort that has you on the edge of your seat. Remember the days when Eyresy got the ball on the left and a mazey run into the box. The Chaddy end was electric when we got a free kick on the edge of the box and Eyresy stepped up.
  4. It would be contrite of me if I didn’t acknowledge the signing of Wheater. Great acquisition and well done to those involved. Fortuitous signing though rather than us being shrewd. It doesn’t detract from the fact that our recruitment policy this close season has been truly shocking. If we have the funds to entice Wheater then why haven’t we done similar in midfield and up front? Also agree that keeping Clarke and adding Wheater would have been immense. Granted pace between them not great but their anticipation, positioning, leadership and steel would have instilled confidence from the back through the team. Hopefully this Egert gets match fit quick. Need a seasoned striker still, a LB and a creative midfielder. Too many kids or inexperience signed to have an immediate impact that’s needed. We all know I’m totally against Lemsagam but I’m open to be proved wrong. Still time today to snare the likes of Lang before FGR - knows the club and some of the players and hopefully can hit the ground running. Sort the team ASAP for this week and sort this FLG feud before the first home game. We may just be able to salvage the season before it’s started.
  5. Tonight and last Saturday prove these two fuckwit brothers have destroyed our club. It’s now a pale imitation; simply a mechanism to line the pockets of others through acquiring shite players. If you’re hoping for loans then it’s futile - it will question his policy, which he will avoid, and he’ll simply fire the current coach and recruit another patsy. Pointless suggesting the Trust take a stand - they’re too busy looking over his version of the books and want to reason with individuals who’s are full of contempt for the fans or any representative. Fans are fast becoming apathetic to put up a fight too. Only real hope now is the FLG who seem to have the fire to make a change. Unfortunately by the time the ink has dried, it may be too late. The fans should boycott every home game until he’s gone. I really feel sorry for those who have bought a ST.
  6. Can the EFL step in if they believe we’re throwing the league by intentionally playing an understrength team? In honesty, these latest signings haven’t been signed based on playing ability have they?
  7. This whole Morocco stunt was propaganda. Emperor new clothes to suggest a professional operation branching out continentally. Invite the fans over and whack up some ‘love in’ between owner and the great unwashed - solidarity brothers! Back home, the threat of this FLG courting the fans instead and the drawbridge is back up. Uncertain what the new CEO and Commercial Director are thinking. You’re exactly correct that Natalie should be front and centre, spelling out the club plans to the fans. Commercial Director emphasising the shop website, new club shop, the new kit and other sponsors. Total blackout - akin to North Korea.
  8. We won’t be doing magical deals on deadline day. If this idiot is the shrewd super agent then he’d be doing them now, ahead of the competition and wheeling / dealing at cut-price amazing deals. Coincidence that we secured the likes of Lang, Surridge and Inversen through contacts that are no longer here and we weren’t at the front of the queue for any of them this season. He’s a spiv, a snake oil salesman, a bullshitter surrounding by an even bigger fuckwit who thinks he’s Txiki Begiristain and some ex-Plod who got lucky. Nothing appeals to promising Prem or Championship players - a total unknown as head coach, a egomaniac owner who has totally destroyed any credibility this club had and burnt as many bridges to boot. Whatever your view on Scholes, would we be signing these players? Never. This cancer completely fucked that up. Had he not interfered (him and his imbecile brother now firmly dictating recruitment & selection proves that their promise not to was lies) and Scholes controlled recruitment, I’m certain we’d have quality in the side now and within a similar budget. We’re fucked and exactly the reason why we need him gone. Write this season off. Hopefully the FLG strike a deal or smoke the fucker out by ramping up rent. I’d rather the club go into administration with the main creditor being the FLG. The take ownership and perversely, if it means 1-2 seasons non-league, we have someone in charge who is more trusting.
  9. Sorry but with exception of Mills and Wilson, these signings are National League and what I would expect if we were in the throes of administration with no owner. We signed better under Stitch when the club was in its darkest period & it’s light years away from what Corney signed when we were supposedly even more potless. This Clown promised us progression, promised us ambition and a greater budget than last year. Have we replaced Edmundsen? Have we improved on Clarke? Have we improved on Lang? Have we improved on Surridge? Have we improved on Iversen? Have we even improved on Baxter, Gardner, Zeus and the others released? This 100% smacks of asset stripping and the Clown grabbing the £750k Edmundsen cash and doing a runner. No way have we spent more on playing budget this season than the last. This is the cheapest budget imaginable. Hopefully this is a clear sign that the fuckwit is throwing the towel in threatened by the FLG purchasing the land around him and becoming his landlord.
  10. Champions - Salford Dark Horses - Salford Relegated - Us and don’t care Tics - bottom two ... ‘nuff said Tics Top Scorer - Wilson <15 goals Tics Player of the Season - Zak Mills Banny to last the season? - gone before Halloween I can see a season where Salford will be plastered everywhere as they gather momentum. Adversely, we’ll disappear into obscurity before we have our own ‘Notts County’ whereby the media post sympathetic articles entitled “from Premier League (founders) to non-league”. They’ll question the EFL fit and proper test as another club suffers from questionable ownership and a team deeply affected by changing room interference plus a club imploding over the division between FLG and owners. Scholes referenced and pictured along with PW at Fulham etc etc.
  11. So was this Wheater rumour just that? Sightings of his Range Rover with private plates and him training with us a load of tosh? 3 days and counting for the Clown to preview us wrong.... or prove us right.
  12. I really don’t understand your dogged defence of this Clown. Admittedly the Corney legacy is relevant in so much to implicate or exonerate this Clown. £5m was written off as part of sale - was this by the sellers or through the purchaser clearing the debt. If the accounts weren’t abridged or unaudited then we’d know the truth. New owner at Blackpool has shown exactly how you do it by releasing full and unedited accounts. What has this Clown got to hide? Damning proof that he’s potless and hasn’t poured in as much as he is spouting he has? Lets start with playing budget this coming season. He’s stated it’ll be 100% improvement on last season. I’d argue that we’re spending less on wage at moment than we were last season if you counter those released against those acquired. This isn’t including any income from the Edmundsen deal. If this Clown is serious about the team and gaining promotion then it needs to be a very busy week ahead of FGR. We need another striker, a creative midfielder, two central defenders at very least.
  13. The Clown doesn’t have funds to buy the land and stands. He can’t even afford to pay rent to Blitz. He can’t even fulfil his obligations as an employer on pension payments apparently. The FLG will own the land and OEC. Basically they’ll be the Clowns landlord and ultimately the main creditor if he opts to not pay rent. I don’t see the Clowns tenure lasting long and he and his sibling could well be smoked out sooner. Question then - will the FLG take ownership of club? I’m forecasting more pain in months ahead but my prediction that the club could soon be owned / partially owned by a certain individual could come true.
  14. Happy to be proved wrong on this as I didn’t attend and again, I stress, I’m not in the FLG or know any of them. 1. Pete Wild. I too felt PW was inflammatory and probably hindered any progress with club rather than helping. However, it’s the horses mouth. Informing the attendees and wider audience that the Clown is interfering to the point a fan who’s dream was to manage the club found his position untenable. 2. Secrecy of FLG members They could well be sponsors of club and declaring involvement would be counter-productive for the present. In near future, different story. Could well be someone we know very well who has had recent history with the Clown 3. £500k My view it’s not just match day. FLG see the OEC as instrumental to aiding club now and making club self-sustainable in future. If off-field activities are symbiotic with the club then start now and develop over time 4. Free lunch The land value of north stand/stadium will only appreciate especially as it will soon be a massive hole amongst a housing development. It’s a fail safe for the owners, an investment. The OEC is a going concern that currently is a loss-maker but FLG see the longer term future where off-field activities will ensure it being profit-making.
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