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  1. Anyone else noticed Maamria has become very active on social media after the furlough. Loads of old videos bigging him up or goals etc of his Stevenage team. Touting himself I’m hoping....
  2. Support the club 100% on this. Everybody in the real world including us fans are affected and faced with the exact same financial situation. Those fortunate to earn in excess of £2500pm are being asked to survive on £2500pm for the short-term. They have support from banks etc for mortgage holidays, deferrals etc to assist them on the wage cut. A case of tightening your belt accordingly but bearing in mind everyone should be isolating at home then you should be saving money anyway aside from paying bills, food etc. Why should footballers be handled differently? Especially at League 1 and 2 level when wages are not too dissimilar to fans on average to above average wages. Welcome to the real world guys. If a player is on £10,000 a month at our club then surely only their mortgage is the major factor? They should get payment holidays during the furlough period. Food, energy, Sky bills etc are same as us fans.
  3. Haven’t missed OAFC in the last three weeks I’m afraid and this is only second time I’ve popped on here in that time. However, this morning I woke up and wished I could jump in the car, drive the 120 miles to BP and watch us against Plymouth. I did binge watch the two series of “Sunderland ‘Til I Die“. Fascinating especially the club in League One under Stewart Donald. Decent bloke, passionate about football and just shows how someone is willing to blow their personal wealth purely because the love the beautiful game. Not saying him and Lemsagam are similar but it does show how running a football club can chew you up and spit you out trying to chase that dream of success on the pitch. Fast running out of cash, looking for external investment and blowing your dough on Will Grigg doesn’t guarantee 20 goals a season. Netflix should approach our club and do a similar series.
  4. No exclusive line but information from a very reliable source who was in talks with this Dutch consortium when selling his club. They told him that they looked at us before Lemsagam got involved. Obviously they didn’t buy the other club but are still interested in L1/L2 clubs and still looking. They were informed that Lemsagam was open to sell. However his asking price for just the club remains too high bearing in mind minimal asset value. Rumour is the asking price reflects the amount of money Lemsagam owes others. Key is owning both club and ground, especially the OEC. OEC income can deliver a return on that investment and over time the club could become self-sufficient. That’s why Lemsagam has managed to get backing, why Bassini is sniffing around, why FLG wanted it. Recent threat of administration has now got the vultures circling - there’s a few out there (Bassini being one) - because they could acquire club and stadium together on the cheap. However clearly Lemsagam has ignored the fuckwits around him, is now mediating rather than fighting with Blitz and has persuaded someone to back him in looking to buy the stadium/OEC. He may even negotiate down this £700k in return for taking the ground of Blitz’s hands plus no longer pay rent and get 100% of matchday / OEC income.
  5. Love to be proved wrong but I’m led to believe Lemsagam doesn’t have the funds and has been backed since Day 1. Outcome today is one of the following; 1. He’s convinced his backer into funding the purchase of the stadium etc and he’s genuinely going for it in terms of trying to deliver a sustainable future via promotion and convincing fans to return. Haemorrhaging money to Blitz month in, month out will continually push that plan back. 2. Delay tactic to generate enough time to sell the club. Payment had to be made to avoid administration now because it’ll kiss goodbye to repaying the money he’s already borrowed 3. Bassini has brokered a deal with another backer but needs time so has helped Lemsagam to stave off administration until this happens. Helps Lemsagam to buy before it’s sold on. Lemsagam is a fuckwit, surrounded by even bigger fuckwits but part of me wants scenario 1 to be true or even what I’ve heard is incorrect and Lemsagam is actually minted personally. He just needs to dump all those fuckwits and rebuild not only the club but the fanbase, the PR and deliver a legacy mirroring our previous purple patches. Furthermore he needs to trust the fans and engage regularly with Push the Boundary - together the can rebuild what’s broken. It’s never too late.
  6. What’s the covenant on the land/stadium again in respect of safeguarding football on said premises?
  7. Blind faith at the eleventh hour (2359 to be exact) but I’ve always had this nagging feeling that Lemsagam has very very rich mates and reality is he’s been throw money over the past two seasons to act out football manager. He’s an absolute fuckwit but has been victim of being surrounded by and influenced by even bigger fuckwits resulting in a calamity of errors over the last two seasons. Perhaps these “mates” have scrutinised the situation closer... perhaps even spoken with Blitz... and realised the opportunity of acquiring the land, OEC etc and decided to step in. Wouldn’t surprise me if board changes happen very quickly once this deal is done. Obviously it is extremely coincidental that Bassini is sniffing around when £7m has miraculously appeared from thin air. I doubt he’s provided this but I’d have a feeling he’s hoodwinked Lemsagam’s mates that anything can happen at OL1 2PA.
  8. The FLG are extremely quiet bearing in mind Blitz has just royally fucked them over. As they say... money talks, bullshit walks. Were the members of the FLG even greater fantasists than Bassini? Question now is who has bankrolled Lemsagam? Bassini has not got a pot to piss in so he has either hoodwinked one or two of his rich mates or Lemsagam has miraculously secured funding from a yet unknown benefactor. Either way concerning because such sums demand a quick repayment - that won’t happen for decades at our club unless we experience back to back promotions. Perversely, would the thousands return and all the doubters forgive and forget if Lemsagam builds on the ground purchase by bankrolling a squad of domestic players and delivers promotion(s)? Perhaps the buffoon has the funds, has kept it quiet and was genuine all along but just a complete fuckwit.
  9. FLG has gone very quiet these last 2/3 days. I believed that they had first refusal on purchase of ground, stadium & OEC....another twist and turn imminent?! Even if Bassini obtains funding, he wants the whole lot and not just the club. Pointless just buying the club as it’ll always be loss-generating at this level. The OEC income, which Lemsagam stupidly has declined, is the buffer to make this club sustainable. This is why I’m amazed Lemsagam has managed to secure funding (or not) but refuses to engage with those responsible for running OEC. If Blitz’s debt has been settled then Lemsagam has miraculously obtained funding from somewhere other than Bassini... or Bassini has brokered an arrangement between Lemsagam and his funders. There’s been a lot of rumour that Lemsagam has been borrowing since day 1 hence why he cannot walk away. This is why money has dried up again. If Lemsagam has persuaded someone lend him £700k for something worth a hell of lot less then it’s a shame Lemsagam cannot covert his ability to wheel/deal off the field onto the field - we’d be above Swindon by now! Personally I still see administration happening unless Blitz sells our soul to another devil irrespective of what he’s promised to the FLG.
  10. Would love the FLG to take over, boot this charlatan and his brother out and place a lifetime ban on Barry Owen. That said, where’s the funding coming from? Understand the purchase of land and stadium, reopening the OEC, pushing through more commercial activity etc but where’s the additional funding coming from to acquire and run the club? Surely this now must mean the end of Lemsagam?
  11. Just says something that the large majority of fans want the club to go into administration rather than Lemsagam cough up the £670k.
  12. I can see this being concluded pretty quickly and that light at the end of the tunnel is starting to get a little brighter. Blitz wouldn’t issue if there was any risk that Lemsagam could successfully defend or counter-claim. Police were dragged in over OEC dodgy dealings but that’s gone quiet with suggestions no further action being taken. Lemsagam will never back down and cough up 100% of what he owes nor continue to pay what he’ll owe Blitz so I can see him walking away. They’ll definitely be prospective buyers out there and it wouldn’t surprise me if one or two are already known and have noted their interest hence why this recent action has been taken. It’s been reported that funding for the club is in place during administration - that wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t confidence that the club could be sold on in a very short time period. Due diligence done correctly....
  13. They still haven’t purchased a club yet. Still looking around and our club has the exact blueprint they want; Fanbase of 3000-5000 with potential to increase (IMO this is definitely achievable), heritage & community feel, commercial opportunity already in place but massively untapped. Plain and simple - Lemsagam had the chance but royally fucked it up by alienating stakeholders, fanbase etc. Debts could be an issue but administration could sweep that away if majority is sat with Blitz. Ironically, that £300k owed to Blitz could, I suspect be waived, if someone more engaging and who can genuinely afford to buy the ground etc comes forward with an offer. The club to which these people were previously linked has since been taken over with my ITK now involved with that club. Therefore it’s gone quiet in terms of news from my ITK but they were definitely interested in us before Lemsagam took over. Probably we’ve missed the boat but who knows. Blitz wants to sell and if he has his hands directly/indirectly on both club and land then I’m sure he can broker a deal with them or someone else. Naturally the FLG/their backers would be logical choice but they only want the OEC unless I’m convinced otherwise. Stranger things have happened but wouldn’t surprise me if Scholes materialises once the Lemsagam mob have fucked off.
  14. Said a few times, there’s serious interest in buying our club but Lemsagam has been asking for silly money in return for basically no asset value. Any goodwill has dwindled to nothing as he’s alienated the fanbase. It’s toxic now but administration could well rid the sale process of Lemsagam and make the sale a very fast process. Prospectives owners know the fanbase is there and with investment on the field plus tapping into the heritage of our club in our 125th anniversary year will deliver a decent ST income to help that drive. It’s not difficult that with the right PR, promise in the playing side and a new hierarchy overturning every faux pas by Lemsagam will get the fans returning. Blitz is engaging to sell the stadium and OEC for a fair price, which not only unites the club in name and home but delivers a commercial activity with huge potential to make the club sustainable and a focal point in safeguarding professional football in the town. Massive risk that a 12 point deduction will have us too close to Stevenage than I’d like. However there’s enough games left, a nucleus of a decent side that could perform much better with a decent manager installed plus playing in much more positive environment around the club and a few extra hundred watching each game until end of the season. Very interesting few weeks coming up.... a new dawn on the horizon? Possibly shades of Orange rather than Tangerine next season?!
  15. He’ll be here, win or lose. Got another year on his contract, he’s their puppet and we’ll still be in this league come May.
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