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  1. I am pretty sure uncle Keith will have the defensive unit operating like a finely oiled machine, probably 2 to 3 nil
  2. Wouldn't have made a difference at all,like Mcalaney,he is another who doesn't fit into this shite set up. Think yourself bloody lucky that both your morals and your tenner are still intact
  3. Good afternoon everyone,just got on to see Roy has everything in hand
  4. Hard luck there, we tried but despite setting up right and the players trying really hard Cambridge got lucky. Hope we have the rub of the green next time out. Well done Keith and the Boys,keep your chins up Oh and if i upset anybody here with my little outburst in the heat of the moment, i offer my apologies.
  5. You concentrate on being pc and i shall watch a game of football and expect better than what is offered, in 2021 i don't think i am asking too much.
  6. Need bamboozler and grant for 45 mins lose ntambwe and badan drop dkd and fage back
  7. To be fair Bambi may as well sit on the bench if Curly is going for a repeat of last week's performance. I suppose there is always the chance that he can come on later in the game and maybe create something but i reckon by then it could be too late. Grant should be starting this one for me.
  8. Would have been better with Fage upfront to let bamboozler do something useful. Can't wait for Taz to save us.
  9. Can't understand why it hasn't been changed, not like it's a difficult call
  10. Wonder why Curle fancies Hilsner as a left winger?
  11. He was useless,even taking into consideration the mongs pulling his strings. We await the next mug.
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