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  1. I've got a spare ticket for today if anybody wants. 07895620276
  2. I've managed to get them sorted. I went on to incognito mode on my phone and it worked fine.
  3. Is anybody else having trouble buying tickets? Mine just keeps saying you've attempted to add more than tickets than your allowed.
  4. Does anybody know if season ticket holders still get a discount at the club shop and also if you do can you get it online?
  5. We still have Exeter away then Exeter play Forrest Green last game of the season. If Carlisle drop any point this weekend it's in our hands.
  6. I've talked my sister and brother in law in to coming and got them tickets today which are in the West stand. Mine are in the east stand and id like to try get them in with me so if there's anybody that would like to swap 2 west stand for 2 east stand let me know.
  7. 2340. You can check online. Just go to buy a ticket and check the ticket number. The first batch was numbered 1-1354 second batch 1-1000 of which there's 17 left.
  8. If anybody finds a link please share it on here. Thanks
  9. I was at spotland this afternoon and most of the pitch still hasn't been layed. Not looking good for a game in 5 days.
  10. He said he is fully committed to oldham but would love to manage leeds or Sheff wed and if any of them got in contact he would be interested. There has been no contact with either leeds or bolton.
  11. I'm getting mine but it would have been nice if the club would let people pledge to buy one now with a £50 deposit then take the rest at the end of the month or pay the £150 now then pay an extra £50 for each game we don't win at a later date.
  12. Just having a debate in the pub about when the last time we won 3 in a row in league was. Has anybody any idea?
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