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  1. Blaming Alan Hardy is surely wide of the mark, I doubt he has little if any influence at the club. He was a very divisive figure back in the day, but he can't take any blame for Barry et al and their massive ineptitude.
  2. Maybe we could adapt Scrambled Eggs aka Yesterday to fit with our current plight.
  3. So is this what they mean by 'engaging with fans', can't have a pint & searched on the way in? Fuck that!
  4. David Wheater talks about Latics on the latest Under the Cosh video if anyone's still interested, it's much of the same stuff, we're the last 20 minutes or so...
  5. Nope, not interested. It would become another MK Dons, the old fans wouldn't accept it and it would be made up of 'new' fans.
  6. You're right, we can always go in the Dale end, it would be difficult to pick out the accent
  7. Surely this ridiculous appointment just strengthens our case about him not having a clue what he is doing, where he thinks it will make us happy
  8. AL getting desperate, new manager & results on the pitch = No more unrest. He must genuinely believe its all about results... meanwhile manager number 10 enters the building with Mo still in situ.
  9. If this happens it would be more desperation from AL, yet another throw of the dice. Sounds like bollocks, but with these clowns anything is possible!
  10. The only way to get to Blitz is via the Council and their clarification, whilst they maintain silence on the whole debacle Blitz is untouchable.
  11. I agree, Oldham Council need to give us answers about this whole sorry situation.
  12. Good question, where is Paul Hughes, I don't think I've ever read any kind of statement he's made about the club? No doubt he'll be hiding away now AL has dropped him in it, more chance of seeing Lord Lucan ride Shergar across the BP pitch than Mr Hughes giving us info on these supposed meetings.
  13. Perhaps the fans have learned from Corney's era and aren't willing to ignore the warning signs again. Once bitten twice shy and all that...
  14. I think we've heard more than enough from him this past few weeks, don't encourage him!
  15. "As Oldham Athletic slide towards oblivion, the only people who can do anything about it say and do nothing", pretty much sums up the current situation doesn't it.
  16. I prefer "Stop The Rot" but yes, tangerine on blue with bullet points highlighting the many failings of the current regime with links etc at the bottom. Posters, flyers, stickers etc would be great. I'm sure many people would chip in via something like a GoFundMe page. We need to be proactive about raising awareness around the town and a campaign like this would get plenty of backing I'm sure.
  17. Haha "Stop The Rot" that was it, perfect. Someone should knock up some posters, get them printed & laminated it wouldn't cost too much. Pin them up around Royton, Shaw & Chadderton in pubs, takeaways, barbers etc that would help raise awareness for sure.
  18. Good write-up that, nice to see a journo who's done a bit of research.
  19. I remember all the "Lees Out" Posters in the pubs & takeaways back in the 90's Cheap and effective, get some in the Clayton Green, Rifle Range etc for fans to see them.
  20. Hope looks completely out of his depth, not good enough for this level.
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