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  1. Crazy how people ask for your address on here when disagreeing with someone. I give my address out over private message and now he don't want to know. Interesting to say the least
  2. Apart from his goal what did he do today? Fall over that's all he did. Can't miss a open goal so no credit to him. He's shite and weak
  3. You're a mong. Starting to piss me off you are. Get a few transfers right and give it the big one.
  4. He's shit. Another sitter in the last min today. Doyle or Duck would of scored in that position. Embarrassing footballer
  5. He'll jump at the chance of managing Bradford I think. If they come in for him he will go.
  6. Un nouveau défi pour #wilfriedmoimbé à @OfficialOAFC. Merci président @A_Lemsagam pour l’accueil A new challenge for # wilfriedmoimbé at @OfficialOAFC. Thank you President @A_Lemsagam for the welcome
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