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Paul Black injured!

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You know what - this is now absolutely :censored: ridiculous.... honestly... I have nothing left to say on this... the fact we can even put out a team at the moment is astounding....


where are we training at the moment, surley these injurys cant be coincidence. Greegs and Liddell are on the bench on Saturday and will only be about 70% fit, lets just hope nobody gets injured during the game.

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So Danny Knight :ph34r: steps in to the squad.


I would like to add "inured" is injured when you are typing fast and someone enters your office without knocking :redcard:


'Your name is Danny Knight. Understand?'




' Are you sure you understand that your name is Danny Knight?'




'What's your name?'


'Diego Cevero'


Comedy classics all the way from Mossley!





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Rumours are abound that the club is in discussions with Maddog for a few 'loans' form the owtb team.

Approaching who?????? Is some unauthorised brown envelope business going on here? :mad:


We'll know it's bad when someone has to play centreback in size 6 ballet slippers after having a couple of lagers and a nibble of Easter egg for breakfast. It is getting beyond a joke though, surely we are allowed emergency loans if we have nobody for the bench? Even if we picked up some reserve from Rochdale it would be better than nothing.

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