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EURO 2008

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Who will you be following this summer at EURO 2008 with England not being there?


I'm supporting Spain, hope they can do it this time although I'm sure they'll crash and burn like at every major competition.

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If I can watch it over in the America's then I'll follow Poland seeing as I have many Polish friends who never want to see England do badly, not that I think they'll get very far anyway. Either way though Im not fussed as theres a slim chance of me being able to watch it.

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It looks like you have to be on the right side of the draw for this one.


The Dutch have a nightmare to get through. They'll have to see off 2/3 of France, Italy and Romania (who finished above the Dutch in qualifying). Then if first it's Sweden, if second (Spain) then it is one of France, Italy, Romania or Spain. Then Germany/Czech Republic/Portugal.


They have little chance.


Spain have the way through the group but again play good sides once through.


The place to be is top of the Czech's group, so that's them or Portugal. They'll then probably play Croatia, Germany/each other and then the final.


I'd go with the Czech's - but it is pretty open on that side, as the Germans don't have it hard at all either.


(I'll be wanting them to win it to, followed by Romania, Russia and Croatia)

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Holland and Spain.


Both like England show promise before it starts and give you that feeling it might be their year before inevitable penalty heartbreak.



Couldnt care less who wins it to be fair. I reckon Germany will be one to watch, as its a tournament and not too far from home for them. I really dont want Portugal to win it as they are one of the biggest sets of cheats going.


I think it will be a great tournament, unfortunate that England arent there but at least we cant be blamed for dragging the standard down this time.

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A.B.F - Anyone but France seeing as they shouldnt even be in the competition still.


No, in all seriousness. I kind of hope Croatia do well. Not the biggest or most well known of sides but have played some good stuff in the qualifiers. Very impressive and I think I might be having a slight flutter on them this summer I think. Not to win the thing, but certainly to win there group games (well maybe not against the german's but certainly against Austria and Poland).


Think it'll be Portugal myself.

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I'll be having a bet too but haven't decided who yet, maybe Holland.


To be honest my interest in the whole tournament is vastly reduced as we have not qualified.


yeah, same here - it didnt stop me watching the whole of the World Cup in 1994 though although I'm older and bitterer this time around!

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