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Fon Williams, Eardley starting tonight

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I didn't think he had too bad a game there. A few times he struggled against Johnson, especially the second goal. But to be fair, he won't face many better players than Johnson in his career - well certainly not in the U21's.


It did get me wondering when they mentioned how he had alot of first team experience; If he doesn't step up a level and stops here for his career (unlikely one way or another), what does he have to aim for in terms of record appearances for us?

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Ian Wood, 525 league appearances over 14 years.


You need to be an ever-present for about 12 seasons, so Eards could so it by the time he's 29! =)


Thought that he played quite well - skinned by Johnson for the goal but generally a good performance - I would tell him not to dive in so often - a decent player will anticipate and get past him too easily :grin:

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The Welsh are getting more and more racist.........Nowt will be said though.

I was thinkin last night,in all my time (38years)of workin i`ve worked with scottish and irish but never a taff.Dont even remember meeting one in a local pub.Also noticed their banners being in English rather than welsh.

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