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davies has died..

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must say lewi the water dragon is loving free reign of the vivarium


Funnily enough I was thinking of this topic only this afternoon................ how many of us have had pets named after Latics players?

I had 2 goldfish in the mid '80's called Joe and Willie, and the day after we beat Leeds 4-2 at home in the Littlewoods Cup, prob Nov 87, we got 2 cats from the CPL and called them Tommy and Denis after the 2 ex Leeds players who had scored for us that night.

To keep the tradition going my daughter has 2 Giant African Land Snails called Lidds and Greegs. Anybody else out there got anything? A rat called Allott or a Whippet called JJ? A snake called Porter? Anything with a limp called Killen?

Let's hear them.

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2 Cocker Spaniels Roger and Palmer!!!!


I won a fish at the fair and i was going to call him ritchie but he turned out not to be Gold and i had to call him andy cole lol


Just to point out i was 12 and had another pet called OOOOOOOOOOOOH roger!

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We have had a cat called redfearn and a dog called Ritchie. we now have a dog called reuben. my kids have just written to reuben hazell to tell him this to which he has replied with some signed photos!! my sister also had a goldfish called graeme after graeme fowler!!


Not sure my lass should write to Greegs and tell him we have a giant snail named after him.....

Don't think we'd get a signed photo back.

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Most of those who chameleon here couldnt care less

Don't worry about it. It's all down to karma.


No Latics pets myself, but I did have a friend whose cats were called Harry Kewell and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank. I'm pretty sure he wished he had picked different names for them later on, but at least he didn't call one of them Alan Smith :wink:

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