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Stop Merging Topics!

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*evil laughs*


Seriously though, it stops the board becoming over run with duplicate threads which for people like me who only have limited access is a life saver!!


I think you can be guilty of too much merging though Simon. You know, if there's like 15 threads all on exactly the same subject, fair enough. But I keep seeing threads disappearing and not being able to find things. Just my thoughts on it, like.

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Members topics that mirror a similar topic will be merged if it's still new - if the thread is too far down the line, in most cases we'll post a link in the thread but we won't shut down/merge because it disrupts the conversation. New posts hijacking topics just because the poster can't be arsed with the OT will be merged - sometimes this happens about three or four times. It looks like members either can't be bothered to look for like posts, or they have no intention to add to the current thread. Unfortunately the latter is poor form for the topic originator, and is disrespectful.


So we'll stop merging when people quit posting the same topics without looking or searching for the exact same thread that was posted recently. It's up to the users ultimately.




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