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Oldham fan removed from the ground yesterday at Portsmuff?

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Can't see the description.


He got thrown out because he didn't throw it back to the Portsmouth goalie. Bit harsh.



I saw the ball get slung down the stand instead of on to the pitch, to waste time I guess, then heard someone had been thrown out. Bloody hell, how many would they chuck out when the crowd keep the ball for a couple of minutes throwing it to each other

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Pathetic stewarding (once again) ball ends up in the stand. A fan holds onto it for a few seconds and returns it in a way aimed at wasting a few more seconds only for the ball to hit the pole at the back of the goal and rebound straight to the keeper who can only smile. Stewards move in and eject the supporter.


You can nly imagine the conversation can't you


Steward - right son your out

Fan - why?

Steward - for time wasting by holding the ball

Fan - but it went to the keeper

Steward - yes but you intended to waste time

Fan - but I was just showing my silky skills

Steward - out you go son.


Unbelieveable Jeff

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Really? Was that when the keeper even had a laugh about it? I got, "Shushed," by a steward after mentioning to the ref that he was a :censored:, so I might have got off lightly.


I had that happen to me at Gillingham a few years but the steward happened to be an attractive young female so me being a sucker decided to follow her orders

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the guy that got thrown at was sat next to me on the coach, they told his girlfriend they were only talking to him and he'd be back in a couple of minutes only for her to be sat there 10 minutes later wondering where he was!


before the game I asked a steward if I could put a flag at the back of the stand and he said id have to put it where the 'Fortune Favours the Brave' one was, so I went to the other side of the stand to put it up and was told that I couldn't as it would be a fire hazard (ON THE BACK FENCE!?) and would have to do it where the Oldham fans werent allowed to sit, to then be told by the original steward that I wasnt allowed. I gave up and ended up wearing it as a cape. Twats.

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