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Latics get €20k from UEFA.

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Link to list of clubs benefiting:



Link to why:



UEFA has today finalised the calculation of the amounts to be paid to UEFA member associations for them to pass on to those of their clubs which contributed to the success of UEFA EURO 2012 and national team football in general, particularly in the 2010/11 and 2011/12 seasons. In total, 575 clubs will benefit - a substantial increase when compared to the distribution after UEFA EURO 2008, for which 180 clubs received payments.





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Ah I see, so it's another one of these things that help the big clubs with all the international players get richer. Good to see Real Madrid, Barcelona, Scum FC etc getting the financial help they need.

It's a flat rate. We got the same for releasing Feeney for 5 games as PLC got for releasing Rooney for 5 games (they released him for more). We made money compared to Feeney's wages, the big clubs didn't (they don't play at the same time, though).

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That wasn't my point, cheers for the info though. I'll have to remember to send a donation over to Old Trafford next time there are international games to help them through the tough times.

To be honest we could hire the Andorran/San Marino teams and make money on them if we wanted to.

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