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Croft signs till end of season

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Could see Croft up for it every game as he's now fighting for a contract for 2014/15.


Unless he bucks up ( don't think he's scored yet ) this will be his level and his Championship ambitions and 5k-10k a week wages will be a pipe dream... It could work in our favour!

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I don't mind Croft's passing play or his effort but he just doesn't score goals which we really need from attacking players, that's where he's disappointed me most.


Iwelumo isn't prolific and though Barnard will score a few he's not the type that will bag you a goal a game so it's vital we have other contributors.


We've relied too heavily on Baxter and goals from defenders from corners because players like Crofty, Montano, Furman and Wes haven't given us enough goals. I'm pleased he's resigned but I'd like him to get into goalscoring positions to decrease the burden on our strikers.

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A double chin I can handle but a TRIPLE CHIN!? Come on Lee - high protein, low carb diet, son, before it's too late and you collapse on the pitch. I can already picture the anguish on the faces of the St John's Ambulance crew as they attempt to lift the stretcher...

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