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Poll Time. About backing the manager and type of manager needed


136 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think Simon corney has backed Paul Dickov?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Don't Know/ Somewhat
  2. 2. Should the next manager be?

    • Very experienced, including getting out of this league
    • Very experoineced, but in the lower leagues
    • Well liked by the players at previous clubs (Harry type)
    • Young, enthusiastic, hungry and full of new ideas

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I voted for the first option for the next manager.


A manager who has vision and experience to make changes when Plan A isn't working, who puts players in positions who compliment each other and doesn't show favouritism when players are out of form.


But also bring in a young assistant to train up.

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For me, a prime example of the type of manager we need for the situation we now find ourselves in was seen at our 1st game this season. After going 2 up against Sheff Weds; Dickov did nothing to react to the excellent tactical changes Dave Jones made. Jones used all his experience and tactical ability to change both players and team shape, and low & behold; got a 3-2 win.


I'm not for one moment saying we go for Dave Jones here. He's in a job and out of our reach. But - a Dave Jones esq type; absolutely.


We need someone who can see if game plan A isnt working; and has the ability to change it up - during the game or at half time. We're in a scrap, make no bones about it. IMO; now really isnt the time to gamble on another rookie 'potential' manager. We need experience. We need tactical knowhow. We need a stern task master who isnt a mate; but a boss.


We need someone who can come in a quickly have an effect. Is it 17 games left? Not long, but we need positive results and we need them fast. Corney cant :censored: around here. We need someone in for Tuesday IMO.

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I'd agree with what sly Stallone said; now is not the time for another rookie. Rookies/inexperienced managers can work at the start of seasons or if we were looking for another manager because ours has been poached by someone else. In a relegation fight you need someone to give a squad that has the potential a good kick up the arse. I would like said experienced head to bring in a good up and coming young coach/old player type like how Moore brought Shez back.

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As I have mentioned on the other threads Glyn Snodin ticks all the right boxes for me, although never a manager at a league club he's not a rookie in the sense he's assisted rated managers at some good clubs, by all accounts a good tactician who is respected for his work with top stars - young and old.


Ironically, if Grayson gets the Latics job (as many want on this website) he will probably bring Snodin in as his assistant, so why not save some money and give he job to Snodin himself without Grayson ?


I may of course be totally off the mark with my thinking.

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