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Where can we get 5 wins from?

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I think we need 5 wins to be safe, though should get more than that and aim to be safe as soon as possible.


Winnable games for me:


Crewe away

Crawley home

Bradford away

Colchester away

Coventry home



Then kick on with


Carlisle away

Notts county home

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Given the dire quality of the bottom of this division, I think 47 points would be enough .


We'll get 2 wins and 3 draws no problem

Agreed with 47 points being enough this season! On our averages we will get 3 draws out of the 12, so lets get 1 win from the next 2 home matches.

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Well get two from Preston, Rotherham and Brentford

This, plus can see us getting a few good away results. Our record at home v top half teams is good, our record away at bottom half teams is good too.


Preston and Rotherham haven't lost at a bottom half side this season can us changing that it's the sort of thing that we do (although if we beat Preston we could in theory be top half, but it is unlikely).

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Not sure it'll be the walk in the park people seem to expect. The teams at the bottom tend to start picking up results at this point in the season and a lot of them have games in hand.


I'm a lot more hopeful than I am expectant that Latics, having won 10 in 34 (only one of them by more than the odd goal), will win 5-7 from the remaining 12.


Not saying we're going down but I can see us getting dragged into it.

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