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League Tables 24.10.2017


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Best (and worst) performers [Bury (h)]


Premier League

Most Points: disjointed (12) - How's this for an effort? :applause1:


Nearest Attendance: Stevie_J (+28)

Highest Climber: disjointed (+5)

Biggest Fall: GravityGrave, NewBlue (who failed to post a prediction) & BP1960 (-3)



Most Points: aidan_latics (14) - And this went even better :imnotworthy:


Nearest Attendance: aidan_latics (+51) & singe (-51)

Highest Climber: aidan_latics (+10)

Biggest Fall: AK’s11 & oafcmetty (-7)

ajw65, AK’s11, Benja, dave_ragg1984, LT_SMASH, Oafc1895, RobOAFC, and Scapegoat failed to post their predictions.





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1 hour ago, lookersstandandy said:


....would that make 24hours akin to The Wanderers; Royal Engineers; Clapham Rovers, Old Carthusians or dare I say it, even Old Etonians?

You wouldn't be the first to make that connection, and I doubt you'll be the last.

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3 hours ago, Stevie_J said:

It's a long time since we've seen Dave Collinge up there.  I thought he'd become the Leeds United of the prediction game.



Been a long road back tbh, and i'm feeling the pressure already!. But remember the saying "Better to be a has been than a never-was"....B)

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